Rhossili Bay walk - Bubbablue and me

A blustery Rhossili bay walk

One of the things I love about holidays is getting out and about.  I’m not great at getting out around home, unless we go out for the day, but on holiday there’s always places I want to see and do.  This camping trip the weather wasn’t that great for doing much once we’d spent the 2 sunny days on the beach.  But once the rain cleared in the afternoons we did cram in a couple of extra detours to places including Rhossili Bay.

Rhossili Bay walk - Bubbablue and me

After a rainy morning when we ensconced ourselves for 2 hours in the LC pool and a cheeky McDonalds lunch (hey we’d swum in the morning!), a few of us decided we wanted to make the most of the clearing weather a clear the cobwebs with a walk along Rhossili Bay.

The drive took us right to the western end of the Gower Peninsula, and we’re talking seriously rugged coastline.  And it was blowy.  There’s a reasonable sized National Trust car park (bargain, free parking for us as members), plus a National Trust shop and café, plus a couple of other specialist shops.  The car park is being enlarged, but in warmer weather you’d likely need to arrive early to get a space if you want to get on the beach.  We stuck to walking along the cliff top as we didn’t fancy the walk down to the beach and back up again.

watching over rhossili bay
rhossili bay

It really is a spectacular place to walk with beautiful views and a stunning beach. In the sun and wind, there were plenty of white waves foaming onto the beach.  The beach is long and wide, but was virtually empty when we were there.  A great view for the lone white Old Rectory just above the beach – a National Trust holiday house.

white house at rhossili bay - old rectory
wildflowers at rhossili bay
rugged coast at rhossili bay

Not all of the children wanted to walk, but thankfully N was happy enough.  They were set a bit of a scavenger hunt to look for different items, but mostly they just wanted to get as close to the edge as possible. A bit of a scary thing as you never know when someone might slip.

on the cliffs at Rhossili
looking out over rhossili bay
chilling out at rhossili

It certainly made for some great photos, and reminiscing about coastal geography field trips at school.  Deciding to lie down for a break on the cliff to avoid being blown off was a great way to get everyone settled in one place with everyone still being able to see the view below them.

overlooking rhossili bay
smiles over rhossili

We were also there when we heard and then spotted a chinook helicopter appearing from the far side of the beach and flying low across it before going overhead.  Wales is obviously a place that has a lot of low flying aircraft going over.

When the tide is out you can walk across the causeway to Worm’s Head, although we didn’t get that far.  Too many moans and groans about having to walk (it wasn’t even far), but we didn’t walk for longer than 30 minutes.  It was still a nice walk to get out and see some more of the countryside.  And finishing with ice creams and photo stops at the car park went down well afterwards.

after eight ice cream sundae at rhossili bay

Considering the day had started with a lot of rain, it ended well and nicely sunny.  A pretty perfect day really – swimming, wave machines (which N loved), giant slides and lazy rivers at the Swansea LC for the children, and an afternoon walk in the sun for the mums.

If you’re in the area, you should definitely add Rhossili Bay to your places to visit.

Which wild beaches do you recommend, in Wales or otherwise?

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I love Rhossili bay and need to come back with the kiddies! Weather is a bit of lottery but landscapes are gorgeously guaranteed 😉 #CountryKids

  2. We absolutely LOVE the LC – sound like we should invest in a National Trust membership too! Seems another fab day out. #CountryKids

  3. I can’t believe how quiet it looks there in the middle of the school holidays with such a beautiful beach! My younger self would have adored this day of walking in a big group with lots of friends all topped off with ice cream. I love the photo of the kids all lying down chatting and looking close to the cliff edge. You really are giving N such a wonderful time.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. Camping with friends is definitely the way to go for me. And it’s a great load of kids. They all get on really well, although I suspect the oldest won’t be so keen in a year or so with all the younger ones

  4. Oh wow! That beach is just stunning! Eek I would have been worried on the cliffs too. Good idea getting them to lay down. It sounds like such a lovely day x

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