sunset in the countryside

Project 365 2015 week 42 and 43

We had a bit of a manic week last week, so I’ve got a double week of Project 365 this time.  A real mix of photos, and some fun with my best friend and her son who came to visit.

Week 42

On Sunday it was the most amazing sunset.  The sky looked really fluffy, an amazing blue, lilac and pink colour mix.  My instagram feed was full of sky photos and rightly so, it was stunning.  But the sunset only lasted 10 minutes and then it was dark.

sunset in the countryside

On Monday, N got out his Minions jigsaw puzzle. He goes through phases with puzzles, and this one wasn’t actually finished before I got sick of seeing it on the table and packed it away.

doing Minions jigsaw puzzle

On Tuesday it was the Michaelmas fair’s arrival in town, so everything was a bit all over the place.  I’d planned a jacket potato from the best seller in town for lunch, but ended up being gutted because the fair had taken over his pitch.  This flower stall had also moved.  It’s the best in town in my opinion.  I used them for our wedding flowers way back, and I love that they’re still in town and thriving where so many other businesses have closed.

flower stall in Banbury

Wednesday was another gorgeous sunset, more pastel in colour. N and I spend some time watching them doing the sileaging and filling up the sileage clamp.

sileage clamp by sunset

On Thursday I was a bit limited on photos.  but grabbed this one of N on my tablet.  He seems to wear out the battery so quickly, so he was having to sit near the socket while it charged.

watching youtube in the evenings

On Friday I’d planned to take N to the fair. Unfortunately I had wiper problems and an emergency repair was done on Friday, meaning I couldn’t pick N up from school and get back to the fair before it was too late.  I was still hanging around town waiting for my car, so could wander through the fair and take some photos.  Unfortunately I only had my phone and not my good camera, but I was fairly pleased with some of the photos.

dodgems at Banbury fair

On Saturday my best friend came to visit with her son. We thought they might not have come because her OH crashed the car, but they taped the wing mirror back on.  It was great to see them, and the boys had a brilliant time together.  There’s 2 years between them, so N tells O what to do, and O just copies him.  We went to National Trust’s Upton House round the corner from us, and N decided he wanted to relax lying down. Next thing O was doing exactly the same. So cute.

godbrothers chilling out on the sunken lawn at UPton House

Week 43

On Sunday we headed to Conkers with my friend. It might have been mostly coat weather but that didn’t stop N wanting an ice lolly.

fruit pastilles lollipop

On Monday N decided he wanted porridge for breakfast. It’s his current favourite, and it’s the most breakfast he ever eats.  But I’m not doing it every day, our morning routine doesn’t allow for me to make it then the 2 of us to eat it.

early morning porridge breakfast

Tuesday, I managed to get this review item, a wooden rocket built.  N was straight in there having a play, although I’m not sure he’s quite used it for the purpose it’s meant for yet.

Asda wooden rocket toy

N is obsessed with ice creams and lollies.  Every day after school he tells me ‘I’ve been really good Mama, please can I have one of my mini twisters?’. On Wednesday I let him have one and this photo made me laugh – so much pleasure in one little ice cream.

bliss of a twister ice cream

On Thursday evening I went out with the ‘farming’ girls – mostly farmer’s wives and/or daughters.  It was a lovely evening, we had really delicious food, and hopefully we’ll get to do it again soon.  I couldn’t believe the size of this spritzer though.

one huge glass of wine and soda

I’ve been saying for a while I’d take N to Virginia Water in Autumn for some leaf kicking, and on his inset day we headed down that way.  It was a longer drive than I thought, but worth it. Despite N moaning he couldn’t walk (he was jealous of all the other children with their scooters, bikes and go karts!), we had a lovely walk , and I got some great photos.

Virginina Water walk

On Saturday N spent most of the day out on the farm, while I had my hair appointment and spent the rest of the time running here and there round town. N had set himself up a little den in the back room, and the order of the afternoon was a lot of reading, most of it me doing it until he decided to pretend he was reading himself.

reading day

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  1. gorgeous photo of the sunset, the colours are amazing. The flower market looks great and it’s lovely to see local markets doing so well. The glass of wine looks fab, hope you enjoyed it

    1. It’s weird, because the actual market in town is shocking compared to what it was. The company that run it don’t care compared with other sites, the rents are supposedly way too high, and there’s only ever a few stalls now. Not helped by the 99p and pound stores coming in

    1. Thanks Sara. They are books you can’t really get away from unfortunately. Hopefully once he starts reading, he’ll whizz through them and I’ll be able to get rid!

  2. I hate Biff and Kipper. I made the mistake of buying a set a few years ago, and N loves them. Dull, dull, dull. Thankfully I don’t think N’s school use them. He hasn’t started phonics at school yet that starts after half term. It’ll be an interesting one to see how he gets on.

  3. That sunset is amazing, and love the silhouette of the tress in the picture, a fab all rounder.
    I like mini twisters as well, big enough to be tasty and not enough to upset my stomach.
    Shame about the problem with the wipers and that N missed the funfair.
    Laughed at the relaxing pair.

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