blue and pink sunirise

Project 365 – photo a day week 48

We’re another week on in Project 365 and it’s truly been a week of cameras for me.  I’ve been debating upgrading my camera (well, I’m sure I’ll keep my compact anyway) and getting a compact system camera because I didn’t want the size of a DSLR.

After a long time dithering, a spreadsheet of different cameras I liked the look of, and then deciding to ignore the man in our local camera shop who advised a bridge camera, I managed to get a good deal on Amazon’s Black Friday week for a Panasonic Micro Four Thirds camera.  Of course it’ll take a while to build up a couple more lenses, but I’m loving it so far.  I’ve taken so many photos the last couple of days, it was really hard to choose my photo of that day.  Unlike earlier in the week where I was a little stuffed.

Sunday was a trip to Bicester Village for my (pretty much annual – shocking) meet up with a couple of friends.  I wasn’t going to take N, but the weather was such that he couldn’t really have spent all day with his dad out on the farm. Even though it would have been pretty boring for him, N did pretty well, trailed round after us, was well behaved and ate nicely at lunch.  I’m not sure what he was looking at here, but the trusty umbrella had to be taken with us.

Bicester Village in the rain

Monday was nursery and work, but N wanted to get out the aquadoodle.  It’s quite unusual for N to want to do any arty activities at home, but he does love water.  He just wanted to fill the mat with rainbows rather than painting anything in particular!

Painting with aquadoodle

Tuesday and N got hit quite badly by his cold, with nursery having to give him calpol for a temperature. Luckily it went down, but he was pretty flaked by the time he got home.  Didn’t stop him from eating cheese, although he has been off his food quite a bit. Damn that bad cough.

25th Nov 14 (Tue)

N has a tendency to help himself to things food-wise.  On Wednesday morning, he was up before the alarm as usual; I got him set up downstairs with something for breakfast, and the tv on until I went back upstairs to sleep some more.  When I got up properly and went downstairs, this was the sight I saw. He’d helped himself to a yoghurt, and then decided (like you do) that he wanted to peel carrots.  Strange child.

breakfast time peeling carrots

This week N hasn’t slept particularly well due to his cold and cough. On Thursday we struggled to get him to settle because he kept waking up and crying. In the end a cuddle from Dad and a bedroom change did the trick.  Hasn’t helped with my sleep though because I’m the one who gets interrupted.

sleeping preschooler

By Friday, I’d made my way through most of my camera manual and I spent a bit of time taking a lot of photos of N.  I’m loving the improvement in low light photos.  Hopefully my photos this winter will be a lot better than previously.

photo suprise during tea

Saturday’s been a bit of a dull one.  The usual chores, swimming lesson etc.  But hey, I was putting on my make up and watching this stunning sunrise. The day could only be reasonable after this view out of the bedroom window.

blue and pink sunirise

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    1. Oh yes, I really was. It was bad enough when we went. If it hadn’t been raining and a fairish walk with N, I’d have parked at a friend’s and walked

    1. Ah, our view is that it’s not really that good for shopping, unless you like high end designer as most of the high street shops aren’t there any more. It’s better at a non-crowded time though.

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