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Project 365 2015 – photo a day week 4

We’re into week 4 of Project 365 and almost the other side of January.  My pictures are largely themed around food thanks to starting my diet and healthy eating this week, and it being N’s 4th birthday.

Sunday we visited Baddesley Clinton to meet my best friend.  N was quite taken with the shop (well, National Trust shop’s do have great toys, although he was also taken by an amusing greetings card he spotted), and these metallic sculptures meant we had to have a conversation about sculptures, materials and what sort of birds they really were.

stork sculptures at Baddesley Clinton

Monday was the start of my healthy eating diet.  The exercise hasn’t yet kicked in and will seriously need to, but at least the eating’s going well.  I’m calorie counting and using MyFitnessPal, and trying to use my Nutribullet a few times a week at least.  I need to find some alternatives to the leafy greens that are the base for so many of the Nutribullet recipes, because I can’t have much due to being on warfarin.

healthy soup for lunch

Tuesday was the start of the birthday baking.  N takes something in for everyone in his room at nursery on his birthday, and I’d originally planned to get giant marshmallows, put them on sticks, dip the tops in melted chocolate and then sprinkles. However trying to find large mashmallows to buy is a nightmare, and the smaller ones I had didn’t work sizewise with the sticks I had. So I decided on cookies, and remembered I had a cookie stamp that I’d bought in the sales. A quick stamp, and then once cool I just wrapped them in cake tin liner squares and bakers twine.  Much better than the bags I’d planned to  use but then realised I only had 1 left!  There’s always the worry that I don’t make enough, but it was plenty.

birthday stamped cookies

Wednesday was N’s birthday and day 1 of N wanting to blog out candles. I only had a number one because I couldn’t find the others. N wasn’t bothered about having a cake, but loved blowing out the candles.  He does get a little too close to them.

blowing out birthday cake candles

Thursday was another baking day, and this time in readiness for his birthday tea.  I did go lazy (needed when it’s a case of baking in the evenings) and used a basic dry cake mix, then added a dollop of apple sauce to the cakes in their tin, and they turned out really moist without being undercooked. They turned out quite well, and did just the job..

birthday cupcakes

Friday was N’s birthday tea. We couldn’t really have a party because January is just way too full with parties so another wouldn’t have been great,  Instead, he had 2 of his friends round to play and for tea.  Bizarrely I didn’t take too many photos of them, so my choice weren’t great.  This one shows my bargain Poundworld jam jar drinks jars

birthday tea

Saturday was a chore day although brightened up a bit by N spotting his review Weekend Box, so we did one of the activities this afternoon. He got the sticking with no problems, but did have a moan about the beading. Really he managed fine, and he’s lovely playing his Chinese drum.

Weekend Box chinese drum making

So a pretty foody week and thankfully I’ve not done too bad compared with how I thought Id do around this time.

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  1. A very happy birthday to him, it looks like he had a wonderful celebration. Those biscuits look fab, love the little Eat Me stamp!

    1. Thanks Sara. My lazy baking though! And a bought birthday cake. There’s just not enough time in the day to properly bake 3 times. When he has his party in the warmer weather, I’ll make a proper cake then

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