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Project 365 2015 – photo a day week 5

I thought I’d have lots of photos for this week 5 of Project 365, but workdays have been hard.  The weather hasn’t been good enough to spend time looking around and taking photos, and work’s been manic so I’ve had less chance to get out for lunchtime.  So generally not a particularly inspiring week.

Pretty appalling given I’m meant to be getting out lots to take lots of photos and follow the tips and ideas I’ve gleaned from the online classes I’ve been doing. Maybe next week.

On Sunday N had a party to go to but beforehand he was being silly and started clambering onto my knee.  Then the kisses started.  This isn’t a great picture by any means, but it really shows N’s personality because he’s really affectionate (even when being silly).

give us a kiss

Monday was Australia Day and N’s nursery celebrated it.  He came home with a flag collapsed on the floor and tried to hide.  No idea what was going on in his mind, but he did make me laugh sprawled out on the hall floor.

hiding behind the Australia Day flag

Tuesday was the start of N’s snuffled and ailments.  I think he’s turned into a hypochondriac this week, what with a cough, bad calf, poorly leg, sore knee and bash on the ear. He appeared in bed with me, but at least when he turns up he does just get in and go straight to sleep.  He’s too heavy for me to lift him back into his own bed, although the OH will do it if he catches him.

asleep hypochondriac boy

Wednesday N decided he was setting up shop on top of the fireguard. He’s been playing with his uncle’s handmedown Britains tractors, but a shop wasn’t quite what I expected from him.  I had to go and buy from him.

playing shop

Thursday my new Lakeland catalogue turned up. I’ve love Lakeland ever since I was at uni at Lancaster and visited the shop in Windermere.  I just love finding all the quirky little kitchen gadgets..

new lakeland catalogue of ktichen goodies

Friday I came downstairs to do N’s lunchbox and breakfast to find that his dad had already sorted out breakfast before heading back out to work again. N announced that he had made me breakfast and took me over to the table…where this chunky sandwich sat, made from raisin bread, butter and cheese. So sweet, although it’s more the type of thing that N likes to eat for breakfast rather than me.

I thanked him and pointed out that I would be having yoghurt and fruit, and that I didn’t like raisin bread.  His answer ‘But mummy, you have to try it’. Thankfully he was satisfied with one bite…and the kitchen wasn’t in too much of a state.  The butter tub was another matter, churned up mess.from where he tried to get the butter out for spreading.

first breakfast made for me

Saturday was the last day of the shoot season so the OH was out for tea. I spotted this amazing looking cashew chicken stir fry and decided to make the most of having the chance to make a chinese meal.  I can only say it is an amazing recipe, it really was delicious.  Unfortunately N wasn’t keen on the chicken (I don’t think he really tried it), but that means I’ve got leftovers for work on Monday. He did try using chopsticks, although really he needs some children’s ones to practice with.

skinny cashew chicken stir fry - CarlsbadCravings

We’re now over birthday party season, so hopefully we’ll have freer weekends to get out and about more again.

What’ve you been up to this week?

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  1. I love seeing the everyday moments and I used to do this much more – thanks for the reminder. My son is often a blur in pics too, you are right so telling about their personality!

    1. Argh, blurry children photos are a nightmare. I’m trying to get the hang of manual and it takes a while for me to set up, so getting a lot of blurriness, compared with auto, and my phone photos. Thanks for stopping by Penny

    1. Don’t think I’ve even got round to reading it yet. Will definitely look forward to doing so, but must hold back on buying – there’s only so much storage space I have.

  2. I’m hungry after seeing the chicken and cashew nuts (need to check out the recipe as I cook lots of Chinese meals after living in Mainland China). Love how all your pictures and words really show up N’s lovely personality.

    1. Thanks Kriss. Definitely check it out if you like chinese food. It’s quite sweet, but guess just rejigging the ingredients would change that a bit.

    1. I would definitely miss Lakeland, although I have to travel to get to both of our 2 nearest ones. Saves me a lot of money because I rarely order online from them (apart from the Christmas sale).

      I’m hoping he didn’t get put off making food, although I don’t think he actually noticed that I didn’t eat it!

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