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Preschooler writing inspiration and outputs

It’s taken a long time for N to be into trying to draw, write and show an interest in letters.  He’s just not been fussed.  But over the last few months (from probably August when we went on holiday and he started colouring of his own accord) his interest has really taken off.

I can’t say that his progress is that fast, however he’s got a brilliant pencil grip so that’s a good start.  He also enjoys it and is understanding that writing means something.  So while other children draw amazing pictures of people (we’ve had approximately 2 drawings of him and his family), and are writing whole birthday cards (presumably copied – I hope at the age of 3 or 4!), N is loving ‘writing’ shopping lists….and lists…and lists.

preschooler writing practice

He loves doing Ns and generally they look great.  But mostly he joins his ‘up down ups’ to more and that makes, according to him writing all across the paper.  With a bit of thought and effort, and me writing each letter in turn for him to copy, he can do his whole name.  Not easy because we were cruel and gave him a massive name with 9 letters.  At least his surname is spelt as it sounds,  so hopefully once he knows all his sounds he’ll be able to work out his surname too.

learning to write his name

Now, rather than emptying his drawers at nursery to find lots of cut up bits of paper (well, some are still in evidence, scissors are still some of his best tools!), I’m pulling out lots of paper with Ns all over it, and occasional other letters.

I get ‘shopping lists’, ‘stories’ and ‘names’. The other day he came out from nursery waving paper cards he’d made.  N told me he’d made cards for various children and the staff in his nursery room, and had given the cards to each person.  Three came home, although I’m not sure whose they were.

‘What sort of cards were they?’ I asked.
‘I did writing on the cards for everyone’s birthdays’

Well, that’s covered everyone’s birthdays in one go. Saves stressing about missing them I suppose!

I always wanted to see some artwork come home with him, and it’s taken a while for him to get into sitting and concentrating on drawing and ‘writing’, but he’s now going through trees at a high rate of knots.

Do your children love to write and draw?

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