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Proud moment

It’s great when you hear someone else saying something lovely about your child.  Obviously family say it all the time, but we’re biased, so it’s nice to hear it from someone else.

We’ve had the worry about N having slight tongue tie, and needless to say we’re still waiting on a date (rubbish system that our local hospital’s ENT department doesn’t offer online booking, and seems to do their own system waiting til the last minute to send out dates, rather than sending them out 2 weeks after you’ve called the appointment line.  But that’s another story!).  This means that he’s not been assessed other than by a doctor having a look in his mouth, so I really have no idea how his speech is getting on compared to how it should be sounding by now.

I can obviously understand most things he says, as can the rest of the family as it’s usually in context.  His sentences are really coming on, and the speech itself does seem to be getting clearer.  It helps that he’s now copying sentences we say like a parrot whereas earlier on, he would just jabber whatever he wanted.

He does still miss consonants off the start of some words – nappy is ‘appy’, but when I get him to repeat it, he’ll say it perfectly.  So he can say words a lot clearer than he does in everyday conversation.

What was great was that his key worker (who’d been away for a bit) said yesterday that she’d noticed how well his speech was coming on, that it was much clearer, and he was speaking in more sentences.  She asked whether we were doing anything in particular with his speech.

“No, just reading to him, having conversations, nothing different”.  She was surprised that it was improving so quickly, and maybe the constant chattering was loosening his tongue and enabling the clarity.

She’d also noticed that it seemed to be helping his confidence in playing more with the other children, as it seemed that they were understanding what he was saying a lot better.

I’m so pleased at how he’s doing.  Hopefully, give it a month and by the time we eventually get an appointment to discuss his tongue tie, he’ll be doing so well, there’ll be no need for any treatment.  Mind you, if that happens, I’ll probably get told off by the hospital for wasting their time.

Did you have a proud moment where something your toddler was doing just clicked?

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    1. Just to see the speech therapist soon. I think they’ll just say he’s fine as he’ll be almost 3 by the time we get an appt through, and that’s the age they can tell whether they’re on track with their peers. Because he talks so much he’s had lots of practise so I think he’ll be fine. The hardest bit will be persuading him to actually talk so they can assess him. But I guess they’re used to that.
      Thanks for popping by

    1. Love linking up to this one and reading some of the other posts. It’s just hard trying to remember which posts I’ve not linked up before! It’s always so positive especially if you’re having a hard day

  1. Monkey had delayed speech and when I started making use of the Take a Break creche at the Children’s Centre he wasn’t saying a great deal at all. He went for 2 hours onwe day a week for 6 months and it was a great day when one of the ladies said to me – wow, I can’t believe how well his speech is coming on. Nice to hear it from others 🙂

    1. Definitely nice to hear from others, and being in a great situation that works for them does wonders too.

      Nursery picked it up because of a couple of unclear words, but he’s always jabbered away. They reckon his clarity’s improved as he’s got more confidence since the summer where he’s now one of the older ones in his nursery room. It seems he likes to be listened to, and likes helping the younger ones out, so although he’s always been chatty, now he rarely stops and that’s really helped. Obviously as parents you understand a lot more than others, but I knew when one of my friends could understand everything he said when talking to her, that he must be alright…she doesn’t have kids or spend her day to day life with them, so isn’t someone tuned in to toddler language.

    1. Thanks. He’s doing really well and I don’t think it’s made a difference now the amount he’s come on. Hopefully we’ll see the speech therapist and all will be fine and we can just continue as we are.

    1. Appointment had (this was an older post), but I love when his key worker keeps telling me how well he’s doing. We’re now waiting on a speech therapist appt – now we’re so far down the line I can imagine it’s going to be a total waste of time by the time we get there. But at least then we’ll know for sure how he’s doing.

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