50 books challenge: July update

I’m back on my reading again this month, and am going to start back on real books rather than ebooks, as my pile doesn’t seem to be going down fast enough at all.

Head over Heels – Sara Downing

Shopaholic girl’s meant to be marrying boy, doesn’t want to have kids, all gets called off, girl falls for school colleague….  A bit predictable what happens next, although I wasn’t keen on either of the main men in it.  I kept wanting Tom to turn out to be as warped as he sounds  (a bit creepy).  If you want a quick easy read, then this should fit the bill.

Trade Secrets – Holly Roznier

I know nothing about the stock exchange, but it doesn’t matter for the reader, or seemingly for people wanting to be a part of it.   As with a lot of books, in this one, I found I learnt quite a lot about different topics I’m not usually interested in; although a lot of it will be fictional, it’s always interesting to feel like you’ve got the inside track on knowledge about a different world.

Shady characters, materialistic vs Remy, the lead who seems to be highly moral.  I did find it annoying that she was in the pit to try and find out what happened to her father, when she didn’t do any investigating really, that it was down to luck and other relationships, in finding out what when on.

A bit of romance, murder, thrills, corruption and money.  There’s a lot happening and it makes it quite a pacy book to get through.

Kill me if you can – James Paterson

I’d grown a little tired and bored of James Paterson books, as they can feel quite samey.  But this one turned me around again as there was a real twist in the middle which I had no idea was coming.  Diamonds, art, Russians, mafia, all combined with New York and European tourist sites I’ve been to or could imagine visiting; it was a definite whirlwind in assassins, chases and escapes.  If you want an easy read, which twists and turns at high speed, you could do worse than choose this book.  It’s a standalone as well, so no need to have read any others.

What Stays in Vegas – Beth Labonte

I enjoyed this chick lit.  It’s fun and frivolous, although I did find it a bit creepy at first how Tessa seemed to have landed on her feet in Vegas for no real reason…my mind was thinking totally in the other direction!  Great holiday reading, and a brilliant happy ending with heroine realising in time that she was chasing the wrong guy.

I’m well on my way in the 50 books challenge for 2013.  

I now need to also do a trawl for possible books to read by ‘recently deceased authors’ which is the next discussion at our work book club.  I’ve not made it there yet, but would be nice to meet some more work people and discuss books.  Any ideas of books would be welcome.

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