Royal baby fever

It’s always a bit of an odd thing when something new happens with the royal family.  It should be a joyous occasion, but there’s always some people putting a downer on it.  Although I guess that’s not singular to the royal family, but anything of interest that is positive for Britain (Olympics etc).

As everyone will know by now (unless they’ve been stuck in a time warp or somewhere without satellite, mobiles or tv), the Duchess of Cambridge has had her baby, and it’s a boy.  I have to say, I was wrong with my guess as I’d presumed it’d be a girl from all the illness she’d had early on.

Some people (including my OH) make points like: it’s just a baby; lots of people have them; we didn’t have to announce to the world that we’d had a baby (I beg to differ, that actually you do have to let the relevant people know ie, the registrar) and that it’s only exciting for the people having the baby, but I don’t agree.  I’m not really a baby person, never was and never will be, but it is exciting at the prospect of knowing people who’re pregnant.  And although we don’t know Kate and William personally, you still feel for them for the anticipation and excitement that they must have been feeling.

I know I get excited for my friends when they’re expecting, whether they be real life or online friends.  I think it’s the build-up and anticipation of waiting for the arrival that’s the fun bit.

Of course, Britain and the world will go mad afterwards, and the retailers are expecting a boom in spending having produced lots of ‘princely’ products in readiness.  There’s also offers galore, so if you’re a shopper, then get online for all the one off celebratory offers.

I do feel for the couple though – having a baby, you just want to bond with them and spend lots of time with them together so that you can get used to the change in family life.  Hopefully they’ll still get to have that time without too much ‘celebrity’ pressure to be showing them to the world all the time.  I presume there’ll be one official photo released (as a new mum, surely that must be a worst nightmare, although I expect Kate will look amazing anyway), then hopefully the baby will be sheltered to a certain extent from the media as it’s growing up.

I just think it’s a lovely occasion, and one that everyone should feel happy about, not moaning about how much news time it’s taking up.  I have to admit, I’m astounded that there was a standalone royal baby news programme in the US though – it always amazes me at how obsessed they are with the royal family when they’re a republic.

This evening I realised from Twitter (for once we’d not got the news on) that the baby would be leaving hospital and obviously I had to get the tv on to catch a first glimpse.  Again it was the anticipation building and the excitement from everyone.

I dread to think how nervous and excited Kate & William were, waiting to leave, likely just wanting to get home with him safely, but having to show him to the world first.   They were lovely, so happy and proud of him, just like any new parents are.

Even N was quite excited, talking about the baby and watching (initially wondering why we were watching a door).  He’s never really shown much interest in babies, but obviously this one being on the television was more interesting than usual.

Prince of Cambridge
N watching the Prince of Cambridge leaving hospital

Now, it’s the wait for the name announcement.    Would you expect traditional, or would you like to see something slightly different?

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