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I’ve never thought of having a milk delivery service – let’s face it, I live in the middle of Milk & Morenowhere…couriers struggle to find us, even though we’re on sat nav, so I wouldn’t be expecting milkmen to turn up in our neck of the woods.  Plus my order would be so hit and miss, it seems easier to pop to the supermarket.   But sounds like there might be a solution from Milk & More.  I’ve noticed the name around quite a lot recently, so here’s some information about their service.


Firstly, this isn’t your usual milkman delivery service. As the name suggests, they offer more than just milk including all the essentials such as bread, fruit and veg and even items for the pets, kitchen and garden. Plus, they’re especially good for the heavy items like potatoes which get delivered straight to your doorstop. You may think ‘well, I can just get that with any online shopping order nowadays’ which is true; the only difference is the delivery. Not only do you know exactly when to expect your order and therefore are not burdened with having to search for a time slot fit in your hectic lifestyle, but the delivery is also free and there are no sign up costs or monthly fees. You quite simply, pay only for the food you’ve ordered.

Another added bonus with Milk & More, and the thing that really makes them stand out from the traditional milkman, is that everything is online. Register, place an order, make payments and even change address directly through your online account. You can change orders right up until 9pm the day before a delivery as well, meaning if you’re running low of essentials like milk or loo roll, a few clicks and it’s with you by the morning!

One great idea is their ‘surprise’ box of fresh vegetables and fruit on offer. More often than not you can predict what will arrive and it’s only really the seasonal foods that change, but if you fancy the ‘Ready, Steady Cook’ challenge, then this  box of fruit and veg turning up ready for you to work out what dinners and lunches you can put together for the week ahead, is going to be perfect for you


Milk & More are part of the Dairy Crest group, which includes brands such as Clover and Cathedral City Cheddar, so are a name you know you can trust. They also source all of their milk from local farmers and produce their Cheddar cheese locally in Cornwall, so are keeping it all within the British community.

They haven’t quite reached every house in England yet, although with 1.4 million households on their system, they’re well on their way to it. A quick postcode check will tell you if you’re covered and if you are, you find out exactly who will be your local delivery man and on what days they offer deliveries. A check for  my postcode, showed me I would have John as my delivery man, by 7.30am, 3 days a week.  So the reach has got to be pretty good, if we get covered.  The supermarket service can’t deliver on the familiarity and community spirit of that, so it’s a welcome change to combine an account handled online and groceries delivered by the same friendly face each time.


Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post, working with Milk & More

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  1. I do like the idea of the fruit & veg boxes…
    Aww they don’t deliver in my area…..I thought they’d cover my area but not yet….We’re always the last to get things up here in the North East…lol

    1. I was surprised they did here, but the fact they do fresh, I wouldn’t need to cram my fridge full every week. Although I would miss the discounts and the loyalty card points!

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