chilling on a toy tractor

Deja vu park play

This weekend’s been a bit disjointed.  It’s been full of chores, and we’ve not really done anything specific; we’d been planning Sunday adventures, but a call from the youngest cousin yesterday saying he wanted to come and play with N, put paid to that (oh and having to cook a roast!).  But N’s still managed to get in quite a lot of outdoor play and mooching.

He’s been out and about down to the yard on his bike quite a bit, and loves chatting to the few animals that aren’t out in the fields.  It makes me chuckle some of the obvious things he tries to tell them.

This morning we did manage to stop off at the park on the way back from Grandma’s house.  It was a spontaneous trip and a bit of deja vu for me, as we used to hang out there when we were kids.

It was never the best equiped playground (disgusting really for a huge village compared to our local village which is tiny but has great play equipment).  Really it’s just a huge playing field with a few bits of equipment in it.  The huge slide there used to be has gone (presumably the health and safety aspect), I’m not surprised as one of our friends fell off from the top – it must have been 2 1/2 metres high, so plenty of children must have fallen.

N went straight for the wooden climbing frame and slide.  He gamely tried walking from one side to the next, but I think he struggled walking on the logs it was made out of.  He then refused to go on the slide.

A few minutes spent riding on the wobbly motorbike (even I had a go on the ‘elephant’ version that he insisted I sit on, which was actually very comfortable), a go hanging upside down on the monkey bars (harking back to my teens) for me, several spins on the roundabout and some pushes on the slide and we were ready to go home.

We had to say goodbye to the friendly black cat that was just like our old cat from our childhood.  It was definitely a morning of memories for me, while N just liked chopping and changing from one piece of play equipment to another.

(Needless to say I’d forgotten my phone this morning, so no pics from the park), but here’s N on his bike, chatting to the animals, and chilling out on his tractor.

chilling on a toy tractor
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  1. A lovely little video of N talking to the cow and doing very well riding his bike, and a cute picture of him on his tractor. The park is always a hit and it’s nice to return and reminisce from your childhood. Thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

    1. Am determined we’re actually going to get properly out and about- this weekend we had plans for 2 alternatives, and neither came off. I wasn’t happy, but at least we were still able to get outside. Easy with farm and fields on the doorstep.

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