Boys and doors

Met up with a friend and her son today for a morning at ‘Baby Bounce’ and for a spot of lunch.  The boys are only 5 months apart, but don’t see each other that frequently, so it was funny to see them get used to each other again.

Baby Bounce is in the leisure centre.  Lots of soft play equipment, slides, scooters, cosy coupes, trikes etc and tonnes of noisy under 5s.  It’s always mad on Saturdays there, but especially today as the weather was so cold.

N always tends to just ride round on the trikes or in the cosy coupes.  He’s not a fan of the bouncy castle (despite liking trampolines), and is never really that fussed by the equipment.  I keep trying to encourage him to try walking along the low beam thing, but have never managed to get him on it.  He just likes wheels.

One of the pubs in town has a good area for seating in an alcove (plus a free car park out back) which means we can generally keep the kids away from other people even if they’re playing, so we stopped there for some lunch.  N’s been there quite a lot, but he gets so nosy that he walks along not looking where he’s going, and also dawdles.

Today his dawdling and stopping to nosy meant he managed to get a finger caught in the door as it swung shut.  I’d thought he’d moved his hand, but he hadn’t.  There was a pause while I tried to get him to move in through the door before he realised the pain had hit, and he screamed.

Quite a way to make an entrance.  Poor thing.  Thankfully although he then held his middle finger out for a while (‘posh holding a teacup style’), apart from some skin being loose, there’s no bruising or swelling, and he doesn’t seem too worried if his finger now gets touched.

Luckily the prospect of lunch coming helped distract him, so he didn’t cry for long and seemed back to normal quickly.  Hopefully he’ll keep his fingers away from doors for a while now.

So an eventful day out, with watch outs for both mum and toddler to take away.

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