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Hopefully if you’re around the blogging world at all, you’ll have heard of the Britmums Live! conference.  Last year I heard all the talk about it, but didn’t really feel that I was really part of the blogging world so I’d missed booking.  Having read about the workshops and goings on from last year’s conference, I decided that I’d try and get there in 2013.

So, ticket is bought in readiness…panic is already setting in that I know no-one, and that it’s really not the type of conference where you can sit on your own and not get involved.

What I’d love is to have a brand sponsor me so I can get up there for both days and immerse myself in how to move my blog on to the next stage, plus meet some of those names I’ve been talking to or heard about.  Oh, and also ensuring I can gain more technical knowledge which will potentially help with any new day job I get, given I’m potentially going to be changing the type of job I do in the next couple of months.

What I’d like from a sponsor is to cover travel costs for the 2 days (approx. £60) and ideally the cost of the conference ticket.  In return what as a brand would you get?


  • An post introducing you as my sponsor for the event
  • A badge on my blog advertising your brand with a link back to your website to remain for 4 months post event – this will show on each page
  • Further posts about the event in the run up will mention you as my sponsor

During the event:

  • Live tweets from the event including your brand.
  • At least one blog post about the event (during/after), mentioning your brand including website link
  • Include your brand/logo on my business cards for the event

Any further collaborations can be discussed.

If you’d like to talk about sponsoring me, please contact me at

Britmums Live! 2013 sponsorship

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