best blog posts of 2017 - bubbablue and me

My most popular blog posts of 2017

I hope everyone’s having a good 2018 so far. We’ve only just gone back to work and school late this week, so we’re still getting into the swing of the routine again. And I have to admit I’ve been slacker than I’d planned about getting back to blogging again.  I’ve a huge list of post ideas, so it’s a case of getting out the notebook and writing without distractions.

I wanted to share my most popular blog posts of 2017.  Very few of them were actually written last year.  The top ones in particular are my most reliable pinterest posts.  So check out some of my posts that you might have missed.

best blog posts of 2017 - bubbablue and me

My most popular blog posts from 2017

10, My Sunday Photo – raindrops on roses

I didn’t expect to see one of my single photography posts to make it to the top 10 of the year, but this one took off on Stumbleupon.  It is one of my favourite photos

My Sunday Photo - pink rose and raindrop

9, Project 365 June 2017 – garden bubbles

Another photography post.  It just goes to show that people like pictures of bubbles.

8, Key stage one book bands and schemes

When your children start school reading levels are a mystery to most of us.  I wrote this as I was trying to work out how the different reading books N was bringing home, tied in to each other. This post helps compare various reading schemes and sets out the book bands and levels.

7, The British tag

I’ve written a couple of blog tag posts – this one which was my answers to the British tag, and another explaining blog tags and what they are.  This one got plenty of traction from the start, because at the time it only seemed to be on vlogs, so there weren’t the questions written down anywhere.  I still get lots of searches on this.

6, Should you lose your guilty pleasures?

I wrote this a year ago, thinking about all the little vices we have. So if you like being nosy and seeing what terrible things people like to eat, watch or do, then this post might be for you.

5, How to clean a smelly shower drain

I don’t write many home based posts, but maybe I should. This one’s done well because it’s just so simple, and it works.  It did however used to get so many spam comments from people advertising drain unblocking services.

4, How to have a successful car boot sale as a seller

Car boot season always gets this post regular views each week, although the sister post on car boot sales as a buyer doesn’t do as well.  Car boot sales are a mystery to most of my US readers, who have the yard sale as the nearest equivalent.

3, Non boring party bag ideas

I’m all for doing something a bit different instead of tat in party bags, and this was my take on it for 4-7 year olds.

2, Teach children star constellations

This is a fun and educational way of teaching children constellations.  Stolen from my Brownie days, and one that does really well on Pinterest.  And it’s proof that you don’t always need amazing photography to do well on there.  The photography on this is shocking and I’m not sure whether I could ever make it pretty, but it’s obviously quite unique and does a functional job of explaining how you do them.

star constellations

1, 10 minute no sew nativity costume

If you’re in the market for a potential nativity costume next December, this is the easiest (last minute if you forget), nativity costume that can be used for various roles from pre-school up to year 1ish.

I’d love to know which topics you like reading about most on the blog – days out, tips posts, photography ones, camping or others.  Hope you return to read the blog through 2018.


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