good playdates according to 6yo - Bubbablue and me

What makes a good playdate according to a 6 year old boy

Like most children, N loves a playdate. He doesn’t get to have many because after school isn’t an option and during school holidays he’s either on the farm with his dad (who won’t take him to playdates) or at holiday club. But he has a lot of views on what makes a good playdate.

It does seem that the friends he has are lovely boys with parents he gets on with (or the parents must be very easy going to have boys running round their house, they’ve probably a lot more relaxed than I am). Or that the boys just get on really well and have similar interests. And playing outdoors is a must

For my 6yo, there’s certain things that are essential for a good playdate.

good playdates according to 6yo - Bubbablue and me

What makes a good playdate for a 6 year old boy

1, It’s at the other child’s house

I don’t know why but N always wants to go to other people’s houses for a playdate. He’d be inviting himself over given half the chance. I’m not sure what that says about my hosting skills or style, but he loves going to other people’s houses. With all the space here we have, you’d think he’d be happy here, but we don’t have a garden with den potential, or building ramps, and we generally have a rule that he can’t take friends on his quad bike.

2, There are wheels involved

It doesn’t really matter what the vehicle is. Bikes work well, especially if they can set up a track or route, and if they can switch over bikes. But it could involve go karts or ride on vehicles or anything else to sit on and get moving.

3, There’s a den

Dens are important things to 6 year old boys (he loves watching Dengineers on CBBC). Ideally the den should be outside (even better if it’s a secret one), but inside building is acceptable.

4, Plenty of food and drink

While it’s rare that meals times are involved on playdates, snacks are important to N. He’s hungry all the time, and the last playdate he was on, he took along his own snacks to share. Embarrassing, but at least he’s happy to share with his friends too.

5, Toy vehicles

While nerf guns go down well, something that N never plays with at home are Hot Wheels. The more loopier and faster the cars go round the track the better. Tractors are another alternative for indoor play.

Provide all of these and most little boys we know would be happy. N’s already planning his next playdate.

What do your children love about a playdate?


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