Settling in at nursery

After his last settling in session yesterday, today N starts at his day nursery properly.

Yesterday’s session was for 2 hours to include lunch.  He did cling slightly when I went to hand him over, and was a little upset when I came to pick him up, plus stripped off down to his vest.  I thought he’d got filthy from lunch, but no, he’d had a busy day, enjoyed himself but got a bit hot so they’d stripped him down.  And he just got upset before I arrived because some of the other morning only children had been picked up, the others had been put down for their naps, so he was all alone.  But he’d supposedly had a great time, eating 2 bowls of lunch, plus pudding (why am I not surprised!?).

I thought he might have been a bit clingy in the afternoon but he seemed fine like normal which was good.  But today he’s gone off for his full day for the first time.

He wasn’t clingy this morning, probably because he could see the other children sitting having breakfast and he was due his as well.  He went quite happily to the nursery worker, wasn’t bothered about me leaving, so hopefully he’ll have a good time.  The only bit I’m worried about is his naptime – I’ve dropped off his taggy blanket that he likes to sleep with so hopefully he’ll be so tired he’ll go straight to sleep without disturbing all the others as he cries before dropping off as he occasionally does at home.

What is wierd for me, is that I’ve not got him with me.  Obviously once I’m back at work next week I’ll be busy and doing other things, but today and Friday morning it’s just chores, preparing for work, a spot of shopping.  I feel a bit bereft (and a bit naughty as OH tells me I’ve just dumped him when I’m not working).  I think it’s a good idea to have him start just before I’m back at work so he can get used to it, and we can get into the timings routine ready for when it’ll be more frantic next week with me having to get to work on time (and pray the traffic’s improved in the last year).  I’m also praying that we’ll not have too harsh a January & February, as my car won’t be liking the icy hill & track to get to the nursery.

How did your children settle into nursery?

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