Jeans on young children – how times change

Denim – greatly practical, and loved by lots of different age ranges.  Obviously they’re a personal thing anyway, but when it comes to babies, they seem to divide people’s opinions.

I’m not a fan of them on really small babies, and let’s face it, when your baby’s small you just want to put them in vests & babygrows to make life easier for the millions of changes you’ll do a day, plus obviously for the cuteness factor.   N was quite a large baby and grew quickly so somehow I ended up buying jeans/finding them in his clothes stash by the time he was in proper clothes (and larger than his age sizes) at around 3 months old which would pre-baby have filled me with horror.

He looked quite cute in them, they were pull on with elasticated waist and were fairly soft for denim so he seemed comfortable.  And the denim hungry caterpillar dungarees he’d been given were gorgeous (although dungarees I’ve decided are the worst clothes for having to change a baby unless you’re happy stripping them totally or letting them have a ‘skirt’ of the dungarees around their head!).

But my Nan was sooooo anti denim.  She informed my mum that she hoped I wasn’t dressing him in jeans (I wanted to dress him in them especially to visit her to wind her up, but in the end didn’t have any at that stage), as if it’s her decision what I dress my baby in. It does make them look older when they’re in proper outfits rather than cute rompers which N was in most of the summer.

I don’t think the pairs N had as he’s got older have impacted his movement – he’s always been fine at crawling in any trousers (in fact jogging trousers have been the worst as unless they’ve got a leg cuff, he ends up crawling out of a leg if they’re unable to be rolled up), although it is annoying when trousers start having a button  (and even worse, a zip) as they get older.  Elasticated pull up waists are so much easier at changing times.

But, as I’ve been buying and dressing him in 12-18 months age clothes, we seem to have moved away from jeans into cords and I’m loving them.  They’re great for smart wear (although he does have one lovely pair of jeans left that fit which are his smart ‘party’ wear), but also brilliant for mucking about and rolling all over the floor.  So I’m a bit of a convert, and he’ll be living in cords (plus his trusty joggers) for the next 6 months or so til he’s in the next size clothes.

In his jeans at around 27 weeks

One other thing I love about buying clothes for him, everything fits…at some point.  None of this ‘doesn’t fit my bum’ or it doesn’t look flattering.  Nope, as long as I like it and it’ll go over his head, it’s in his wardrobe.

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