New Tricks

We’re rapidly approaching a year old (well in a few weeks time), and N’s been practising some of his new favourite tricks.  I love the way he just practises over and over again a though he’s so excited that he can do something new.

So what are they:

1, Climbing stairs.  We do now have a stairgate, but whenever he spots it open that’s it, he’s off and up the stairs.  He’s pretty speedy now, and gives a cheeky grin when he gets to the top

2, Clapping.  He’s been waving for a while, but he is loving the clapping at the moment.  And within only a couple of days, he actually makes a clapping noise as well as just putting his hands together.  Very cute.

3, Standing in, sitting in, standing across and sliding sitting off the back of his wooden block trolley.  It always looks like he’s about to topple off, but hasn’t done so yet.  The best £3 at a nearly new sale I’ve ever spent..

4, Copying what I and his dad do.  I bought him a little brush & comb the other day, showed him how to brush his hair, handed him the brush and he did it straight away.  He didn’t want to brush (or chew on his toothbrush) his teeth this morning, so I went to do mine in the bathroom, and next thing he’d picked up his brush and shoved it in his mouth.  And my favourite, is when I’m cooking and he wants to be in the room as well, I give him some wooden spoons, the leftover Celebrations plastic box and a saucepan, which usually he just bashes.  But the other day, I saw him stirring the pan with the spoon.  He’s also been trying to give himself his medicine by grabbing the bottle and tipping it up.  He’s currently also loving sharing the bath with dad (we rarely use the bath ourselves, preferring showers, but our hot water is a bit temperamental as soon as the heating goes on in winter, so baths it is for dad at the mo).

5, Oh and how can we forget his inate ability to find any tv remote control in all houses he visits.  Now, not only is he good at changing channels with the remote (ahh, I remember the time we watched the whole of Merlin with the blind commentary on because he’d pressed that button on, until we could work out what had happened), but now he can also turn the freeview recorder on and off.  Great talent, highly annoying!

Can’t wait to see what his next tricks will be over the next few weeks.

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