Returning to work

Two days in and I can’t quite believe that people say they like going to work to get a break from looking after the kids.  I reckon it’s the other way round, but maybe we’re lucky in that N’s quite easy going (except when he’s teething and a bit grotty).

I did a few keeping in touch days, but there’s only so much you can take in on those about what’s going on.  It’s not like being totally new as you feel like you should know what’s going on, and you want to try and remember information from when you finished, as well as wanting to get straight back into things.  It’s exhausting (and I’m doing slightly shorter days than before).  I guess the 45+ minute commute each way doesn’t help.

First day yesterday it was getting straight back into it preparing for a customer meeting and some data analysis/presentation preparation…but although I thought I knew what I wanted to get to, my brain didn’t seem to work to think how to get the information in the correct format.  Today was a bit better, although mix up with customer meeting & rubbish phone meant I was on my way to one place before I saw the message saying it was cancelled and I needed to be in the office.  Grrr.  But the actual work and getting my brain to think around problems and numbers was getting back to normal.  Plus sorting my laptop out meant I’m able to get back into using the latest software and finding out new ways of doing the work that used to take a lot longer.

N seems to be doing well also.  He had a good time at nursery yesterday and was smiling away when I picked him up, although was very tired.   Today he was at his aunt’s being looked after.  I think his three year old cousin kept him very busy so again he was exhausted.  His new thing when he’s tired is to grab his taggy blanket if it’s around, suck his thumb and it, and then roll around on the floor.  Hopefully he’ll get used to sleeping just after lunch and will then sleep a bit longer so he won’t be so tired and we’ll get some proper playtime or storytime before it’s bedtime.

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  1. Oh the fog! Yes, I remember it. Comes back on those days where little dudes decide not to sleep.

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