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Week 2: One born every minute…pain

The second week of One Born Every Minute & Netmums link up in conjunction with the tv show (C4 9pm Wed 11th).  This week the blog link up is on pain, so here’s my take on it during N’s arrival.

During our NCT antenatal classes, most of us were of the similar opinion that natural birth would be great, but we wouldn’t be turning down pain relief if it was offered…

My waters broke and when I was checked on arrival at delivery, I was told I was having contractions.  First I knew of it!  I was induced on a drip which most people say gets the contractions going really quickly and that it can be quite painful.  Mmm, I had a paracetamol when I arrived just to keep me going in case it was a little painful, but as things started going a bit mad on the monitor charts I didn’t feel much more than some pressure and lower back ache.

The most painful parts were the internal checks, and crikey were they awful.

To ease the back ache a little, I did get on the birthing ball sometimes, but actually found it easier and more comfy reclining on the bed.  12 hours later, only 3 cm dilated, thick & fast (supposedly) contractions, and still no pain (although the boredom was excruciating…sudoku wasn’t really happening, and couldn’t be bothered with reading, OH was bored stiff too sat in the chair).

We ended up with an emergency caesarian thanks to non progression, but again, the epidural was fine.  I was really surprised with how easy the cs appeared – it was horrible not being able to move my legs til the next day, and awkward getting off and on a bed, plus some stomach numbness for a while. But otherwise it was a relatively straightforward and easy recovery which isn’t what you expect from a major operation.  I guess when you’ve got a new baby however it arrives, it does help you forget any pain there may be.

How did your first baby’s birth go?

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  1. Found your blog (I didn’t think it was as easy as clicking your name on my comment, thanks for that by the way). It is amazing how birth experiences are all different. Your blog is great. Your birth story is worlds apart from mine too. And I completely agree examinations are just horrible and for me more painful that any part of labour and birth. I do admire cs, I would be very frightened of the thought of having one (why I don’t really know but obviously at the time you do whatever is needed for the baby). Look forward to more reading! Karis

  2. Goodness, you had a quiet birth. You seem to have taken it all in your stride 🙂

    1. I was definitely lucky, but I know counting and breathing all the time got me through brilliantly (although obviously i never had to push so it all could have been very different)

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