N’s pretty good when it comes to eating, he’ll eat pretty much anything. However, salad and raw veg are passing him by.

He’s used to be ok with cucumber, but will pick it out of his sandwiches now.  And he’s never been keen on raw tomatoes (unless you actually feed them into his mouth).  The only thing he likes that’s easy to give raw and on the side with lunch/sandwiches is avocado and I’m notoriously bad at buying them, then forgetting about them and finding them overripe when I want to use them.  So I usually struggle to find veg to give him for lunch (it seems too much effort to actually cook them in addition to a cold meal.

But I’ve found that he will eat cucumber sticks if they’ve been dipped in something – can be any type of dip – sour cream & chive, cheese, houmous, tzatziki.  Just something wet and he’ll quite happily eat away.  He doesn’t get the whole ‘dipping’ thing yet though, so I just dip them and leave on his plate and he’ll quite happily munch away.

cucumber and celery sticks with dip

Does anyone have any other ideas about what veg is good to serve with lunch for toddlers?

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