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Blog sponsorship opportunity – Britmums Live 2015

It’s a new year, and the time of year when everyone including bloggers, think about their plans and goals for the next year.  A big part of growing a blog is being part of a the blogging community and learning from others.  And that means, blog conferences and masterclasses.

One of the biggest conferences is Britmums Live, and after a successful and enjoyable one last year, where Water Babies sponsored me to attend, I had booked my ticket straight afterwards to go again in 2015.

Blogging conferences mean opportunities to learn more about blogging, how to improve my writing, my blog, social media updates, and more importantly (and this bits for all the brands out there), it’s about networking.  Following blogging events I can put into practice hints and tips that I’ve learnt, and this means brands I work with benefit, whether on a one off piece of work, or a longer term working relationship or ambassadorship.

I already work with some brands, some ongoing, but most are on an ad hoc basis dependent on the campaign.  It would be great to find a brand I (we) love to work with in the run up to the event next year, as well as being the blogger on the ground for them.

My ticket is already purchased for Britmums Live 2015, at the early bird rate but I’m looking for sponsorship to cover travel and hotel costs, as well as potentially reimbursement of my ticket. In return what would you get in having me at a blogging event with over 500 mum and dad bloggers, clogging up twitter and instagram feeds with their excitement!?

  1. Introduction post to my sponsor on my blog pre-event which would be shared via my social media network – Twitter, G+, Facebook, Instagram/Pinterest as relevant
  2. Your logo on my blog sidebar for 2015
  3. Mention during the event on tweets
  4. Mention on my post event round up post, shared on social media as above
  5. Logo on my business card for the event
  6. Happy to review a product or run a giveaway in the run up to the event, and am open to other suggestions for featuring your brand.

Obviously there’re lots of bloggers out there who’ll be looking for sponsors for the various blogging conferences so why choose me?

It’s an opportunity to work with Bubbablue and me.  I’ve had great feedback from brands I’ve worked with in the past, and am looking to build my network even more this year – working with brands enables me to reach other people with my blog that I wouldn’t always do without.  When I find brands I love and believe in, I want to share that with others and this event is a chance to do that.  You also get honest, down to earth feedback and conversation from and with me.

If you’re interested in this sponsorship opportunity (for any or all of it), please contact me at etustian@hotmail.com

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