N doesn’t really have chocolate much.  Pudding of some sort every day, cake a lot more frequently that I’d ever have had as a child, and lots of fruit, but chocolate less so.

It’s amazing how quickly children decide they like something like chocolate and how they remember it.

Sometimes he’ll get offered a square of chocolate from the larder at his Gran & Gramp’s house at coffee time.  Straightaway, purple pack = chocolate seems to be ingrained in his brain.

He was given a chocolate buttons tube pre-Christmas, and we’ve only just started breaking into it after Christmas.  But he knows exactly where it is, and sometimes if he’s after a snack, he’ll drag me out to the kitchen, stand in front of the cupboard and relevant worksurface, and say ‘choklat’ on the off chance he might get given some.

He is funny when he asks for pudding though.  Usually he just asks for ‘doghurt’ (yoghurt), even if he wants whatever proper pudding there is.

The one treat he’s not had yet is sweets although we tend to have a pack of Haribo floating around somewhere in the house at any one time, given as part of a party goody bag.  He obviously takes after me as I’m a chocolate fan.

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