Fruit & Fizz: Homemade ice lollies

Last week I spotted some homemade lemonade lollies on a blog, remembered the lolly moulds I bought on sale a couple of years ago, and decided to get some Pinterest ideas.

I’m still trying (not that the OH’s having any of it) to keep N off lactose for a couple of weeks to see if it makes a difference to his nappies, so thought lollies would be a good idea as an alternative to ice cream.  Not much good on strawberries, but at least something else cool to eat.

I’d spotted some great yoghurt based lollies, so I might try these another time, but on this occasion I decided to do a fruity lemonade version.  Then I was looking for drinks in the larder to use, and spotted some Grapetiser, so thought I’d try that instead.  My theory is, you can shove in whatever you want, but that wouldn’t make it too sweet; it would still have a slight fizz to it and should work well with the berries.


For my fruit & fizz lollies, you need:

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  • Ice lolly moulds – I used the ones that have a juice catcher and ‘straw’.  Very handy – would never have thought of those, but actually after the Calippo incident this weekend, I’ll be using this style lolly holder as much as possible when N’s involved.
  • Fruit – any sort of berries, I used halved grapes, blueberries and raspberries, but on Pinterest I saw kiwi used as well which looked brilliant.
  • Fizzy drink of some sort.  I don’t see that it would really matter which, but obviously watch out for sugar if you don’t want your children buzzing around all over the place.

To make fizzy ice lollies:

Simply chop up the fruit (I found the raspberries were quite large for the moulds, but just about fit.  The grapes I halved for ease of eating and safety

berries and grapes

Divide the fruit between the moulds

Pour over the fizzy drink.  This was brilliant and bubbled up really nicely.  My moulds didn’t have a level to go up to, so I filled almost to the top, and luckily once frozen they were fine.

raspberries in lolly moulds
berries in lollies

Put in the holder lid or lolly sticks and put in the freezer overnight.

lollies in moulds

I have to admit, they do look brilliant.  Really effective, although the bubbles do give them a bit of a cloudy look.  In hindsight, I should have stuck to lemonade, as the grapetiser taste is probably too subtle, and the lemonade might have been clearer (oh, and frozen raspberries are an acquired taste!)

Ice lollies are so versatile and easy.  Just mix a couple of ingredients and freeze, so I’m planning on trying lots more types if the weather holds.

For other lolly options, why not try using a smoothie (homemade or shop bought), or pureeing fruit and mixing with yoghurt.

What lolly flavours do you make?

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  1. I love making lollies when I remember, these look great I will have to try them!

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