pastry display

Unexpected shopping experience

We’ve had an unpredictable day today.

It should have been just like any other Saturday….getting jobs done, shopping – food and tasks in town, going to the bakery, dropping off some returns at another village shop, popping to see my mum, swimming and the usual.

But we had some interesting unexpected (and extremely embarrassing) events.

Firstly, we’d nipped into M&S for some meringues, because obviously M&S meringues are the only ones to buy if you’re not making your own.  N was really good, carrying the basket, and not being annoying and leaning on the self service checkout.  All good.  Until we were near the door to leave.

He decides to step up onto one of the mannequin displays.  I was pushing the buggy and telling him to follow me, and get off the stand.

Nope, what does he do?

Yes, you guessed it.  Grabbed the mannequin’s clothes in the wrong place, got himself unbalanced, tried to right himself, and instead while he stayed standing, the dummy crashed to the ground as I spotted it about to happen, yelling stop and running to try and save the dummy.

Of course, I didn’t get there in time, so there was a massive crash, the mannequin’s hand and shoe fell off.  N looked a bit shocked, but I dread to think what my face was like.  A man tried to move the dummy out of the way (how about helping me try to right it?), then two M&S assistants came to sort it out.

Trying to apologise to store staff and telling off N at the same time is quite difficult, so it was then a case of shuffling him out of the store as quickly as possible before they had our names to ban us for life!  An absolutely mortifying shopping experience.

It didn’t stop there.  In Sainsbury’s he decided to run off, usually he’s really good about staying with the trolley, but today he announced he was going, and off he went.  I popped my head round the ends of the aisles, and where did I find him?  Crouched in front of the donut & pastry displays.  I despair sometimes!

pastry display
Choosing which pastry he wants for lunch
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