Toddler dancing in the street, at home, at nursery…

Like many toddlers, N’s likes to wiggle. I’d call it dancing, but I’m not sure it’s really that.

His dad’s been encouraging him. Not to dance (because his dad’s not keen on dancing, especially for boys, so it’s going to be my job to ensure N likes to dance and isn’t self-conscious of doing so), but to bottom wiggle.

I think really his dad’s trying to embarrass me by teaching N various ‘rude’ actions…although they don’t quite work with a 2 ½ year old thankfully. It’s just funny.

He’s really going to town on the wiggle though.

It’s taken a while to get the action right, but makes me chuckle when the two of them bottom wiggle together in sync.

N will occasionally do it when asked to show other relations, although I was a bit surprised to see him doing it when I went to pick him up at nursery the other day. I was talking to the room leader doing handover, turned round to see sharing his bottom wiggle (with accompanying ‘wiggle wiggle’ commentary) to anyone walking past the glass doors.

Turns out, they’d been doing some dancing or talking about dancing, and he’d been sharing his wiggling with anyone who’d watch. Cringe…

He’s obviously now relating it to dancing which he wasn’t before. Usually when I have music on at home, he does the twirling round and round, before running off and coming back again to repeat the twirling.

Do your children like to dance?  What’s their favourite move?

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  1. Little z loves a bit of bottom wiggling. He just never a sits down, waning to bust his moves constantly 🙂 such a cute video.

    1. Ah, love litle ones dancing. They’re always so proud of themselves.
      N needs a bit of encouragement and when I suggest putting some music on for a dance, he usually turns his nose up at my choice of music. Must play more, then he might get into it a bit more!

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