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Toddler questions and answers

I’m now used to N’s incessant ‘what’s that?’ questions.

He’s not yet moved on to ‘why?’ and doesn’t answer me when I ask him that in response to some of his comments or requests.

But his questions are definitely amusing other people.

At Christmas, he had his great aunt to question.

‘What’s that?’.  It always continues 3 or 4 times, even though he’s heard the answer once before.

We popped to a village shop the other day to pick up some bread.  On the counter were a lone packet of walnuts.

‘What’s that?’

‘Walnuts, and don’t touch’

‘What’s that?’

‘Walnuts’…you get the picture.  Only the person in the queue behind me was chuckling away in disbelief (presumably thinking he was really cute!) until I put a stop to it by returning back ‘what do you think they are?’.

A handy way to halt continuous questioning as he then starts off on a tangent about something else he’s spotted.

I’ve also started asking him ‘why?’ when he says things.  He’s not started answering yet – a bit of selective hearing going on I think.  Maybe my questions put him off asking more?!

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  1. I do this where Buba will be asking the same questions over and over and won’t stop I start asking them back. He gets the point and stops. lol

    1. Drives me mad. I do the same to him – ask the same question, or ask him what he thinks. Usually stops that same question and moves him onto something else.

  2. This made me laugh – Archie is exactly the same! He will ask the same question over and over! When I know he is in that sort of mood now, I straight away ask him ‘what do you think it is?’ without answering him. It generally stops him asking if he has answered it himself! Funny boys!

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