hiding behind furniture

Building dens and diggers

N’s recently got interested in dens.  I blame his dad, as he comes in in the mornings after having done a couple of hours work, while I’m getting ready, and N gets all hyper.  They’ve started pulling the duvet off the bed and draping it over the towel stand for them to lie under – their ‘secret’ place.

Now, any chance he gets, N is dragging blankets off somewhere, or trying to get in small spaces.

His favourite place is inside the open doors of the corner cupboard in the kitchen.  The 2 doors open out creating an open square space behind them, just big enough for N to get into.  He thinks I can’t see him, but of course his feet stick out the bottom as well as now him being tall enough for the top of his head to peep over the top too.

We also have an old reclining upright chair behind the door in the ‘back room/dining room’; I found him behind it and the door yesterday after wondering where he was.  He’s now learning to stay quiet when he’s hiding rather than shouting ‘coming’ or ‘here’.

This morning was his most messy den yet.

I came out from the bathroom to find the bedroom a tip. The laundry basket was on its side, everything had been tipped out and strewn across the floor, and N was sitting behind it in the corner (I dread to think how dusty it was behind there).

hiding behind furniture

N was quite happy though, telling me it was a digger.  Not sure how he associated dens with diggers, but that seems to be a current favourite vehicle.  Nothing like a bit of toddler imagination.

What random items around your house have been used as dens?  If you’ve any tips of building good ones, do share below.

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