canal boat moorings

Double whammy: playground and Banbury food fayre

After having quite an indoor and chores day yesterday, N really needed a good few hours to be outside today.  The weather looked to be a bit up and down, being quite warm, but threatening rain which never came, so it was a good chance to make the most of the annual Banbury Food Fayre.

We made it into town a bit earlier, so after he’d enjoyed watching the narrow boats in Stratford the other week, I thought we’d spend some time at the park and by the canal before heading to the food stalls and displays.

I love the fact that all parks we go to are different.  It’s rare to see the same equipment which makes for a more interesting time for children.  Plus it means I have to keep a proper watch out for him not being that sure on the new equipment.

Our local leisure centre has a great park nearby. Going early meant there weren’t many others around so N could make a beeline for whatever he wanted to climb on.

Climbing frame
sitting down the slide1
walking in the playground1
Loads of space for running around in. Probably thought this lump was a giant tortoise rather than a scooter ramp
Loads of space for running around in. Probably thought this lump was a giant tortoise rather than a scooter ramp

He didn’t want to stay long at the park, so we wander along the canal to where the food fayre was taking place.  The canal boats looked lovely and there were some beautiful flower displays along the bridges.  N wanted to go in the barges, so hopefully come the canal day in October, I’ll be able to take him on one then.

canal boat moorings
canalboats at banbury1

I love any kind of food events – let’s face it, there’s always lots to sample, lots of ideas, and also loads of products that you might never see in the shops.  Mostly it’s fairly local produce too which means you’re supporting local businesses.

Stunning chocolates and fudge
Mexican stall
Mexicaaaaannn. Shame N was with me as I’d have had this for lunch. Looked amazing

We mooched, tasted, picked up leaflets, purchased some lovely oils and preserves (passion fruit curd is delicious!).  The event was packed even quite early on.

The only downside is that we always go in early, which means the competition tent is closed for judging.  So I didn’t get to see the tiered knitted wedding cake that I’ve since seen on twitter that won the knitted competition.

Afterwards, we wandered back through the park again so N got to play again, before heading home.  Lots of outdoor play for N, and some interesting foody things for me.

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  1. The views along the canal are lovely, together with the parks and the food fayre it made for a great outing out! N looks quite tall in the photos in his smart new shoes, thanks for linking up and sharing your sunny photos with Country Kids.

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