Birthday party gatecrasher

This week I was reminded of a cuckoo – in someone else’s nest and getting all the same perks as the original birds.

N goes to nursery 2.5 days a week and the other 2 days goes to spend the day with his youngest cousin.  It’s like being at home for him as he’s pretty much on farmland, his dad looks in during the day when it’s not manic on the farm, and he can play with his cousin (who I’m sure at almost 4 bosses him around, telling him what he should be doing).

It means that he can be a bit of a ‘tag a long’ when it comes to birthday parties.  He gatecrashed his first one this week…well, his cousin had one, and N went along too.  I didn’t know until the day, so it was a bit embarrassing especially as I’ve met the mum.  It was a 4 year old’s birthday, although she has twin siblings of N’s age – they’ve met a couple of times when they were all much younger.  So he went along with no card, no present, in his usual gear.

He had a great time by all accounts.  Chasing round after the older ones I expect, came  home with a few scrapes from playing outdoors, and was a bit partied out – lots of nice food, cake, and excitement.

2 days later I’m astounded as a party bag turned up for him.  Definitely wasn’t expecting that as I’m sure he wasn’t really ‘invited’, but very generous of the mum.  He’s going to love it as there’s a mini football and mini recorder, plus some crayons.  (Think I’ll be hiding the Twirl chocolate bar and the haribo sweet packs from him!).

I guess once he’s a bit older I’ll have to start thinking about party bags…good job I’ve got a friend who has just the company to get hold of party bag supplies!  Off to check Pinterest for birthday ideas for his next one in January (only realised how quickly that will come round after seeing the start of Christmas lines appearing in the supermarket!).

What are your favourite party bag inserts or do you think party bags seem to have gone a bit too far in recent years?  (I’m currently erring towards cake and a little book or stickers – surely that’d do!)

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  1. What a nice surprise! Excellent sneaking in there N…! I am just approaching doing my first birthday “thing” and terrified about part bag politics given some of the nice ones we have recieved! Such a minefield….

    1. Thankfully most of my friends are pretty down to earth so only expect them to get a bit silly when we meet some of the other parents once he’s at school. Then we’ll see. Shame he’s a winter birthday otherwise we could have just done parties round the field – rides on quad bikes!

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