southern fried chicken goujons recipe

Southern fried chicken goujons recipe

We’re all for easy recipes in our house, and now N enjoys cooking, there are plenty of recipes he can take on when I’m still working and he wants to help out.  One of our favourites is my southern fried chicken goujons recipe.

The OH isn’t a big chicken fan, but even he’ll eat these goujons of chicken with no fuss. 

They’re easy enough for children to make. 

southern fried chicken goujons recipe

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You can vary the flavourings with different herbs or spices. I started off making these with the Schwartz Southern Fried seasoning*, but it’s really hard to find in shops now.  I’ve seen that Ocado still sell it (or you can buy direct from Schwartz). I tend to now combine my breadcrumbs with Bisto southern fried breadcrumbs for a hint of the seasoning. But use whatever southern fried dried seasoning you can find, or make your own using other spices.  Try this from True Bites.

You can use up any dry bread by making the breadcrumbs, so reducing your food waste.

And you can easily prepare them in advance, then just keep them in the fridge until you’re ready to cook them.  I tend to prepare them at lunchtime, then they just go in the oven for 30 minutes to cook. If you’ve got an air fryer you should easily be able to cook these chicken goujons in that, spritzing with olive oil and turning halfway. 

I tend to make these with different types of breadcrumbs depending on what I have in the house. I try and keep a bag of homemade breadcrumbs in the freezer ready for when I’m making these. But if I’ve not got enough bread going make DIY breadcrumbs I tend to have a few shop bought tubs including panko breadcrumbs. They’re not the same as homemade though. 

Homemade breadcrumbs make the texture much better, much thicker and more interesting, plus it feels like you get a lot more. Shop bought tend to be much finer crumb which is a bit bland texture wise.  

I make my breadcrumbs by ripping up the slices of bread, and blitzing in my small mixer. It only fits a few slices in at a time, so I try and do as many as possible to not have to make them again the next time we want goujons.

If you’ve got children who love chicken nuggets, then why not try making these.

homemade chicken goujons

We serve them with homemade potato wedges (skin on preferably), and salad. I have mayonnaise on the side with mine.

If you have any leftover, put them on a plate and cover then refrigerate for a couple of days.  You can reheat by putting on a baking sheet and reheating through in the oven until hot in the middle. I’d cover with foil to stop them over cooking.

baking tray of southern fried chicken goujons

Equipment you need:

Making the chicken goujons is easy. Just set up a system. You’ll be dipping the chicken in flour, then egg, then ending with the breadcrumbs before baking in the oven.

dipping and coating chicken to make goujons

Find the full southern fried chicken goujons recipe below, and let me know how you get on making them.

homemade chicken goujons served up

Southern fried chicken goujons

Make your own homemade southern fried chicken goujons rather than eating out or getting takeaways

Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Keyword chicken
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 4


  • 3 chicken breasts skin off
  • 2-3 eggs
  • plain flour
  • breadcrumbs the chunkier the better. If shop bought you'll need 1/2 tub or 2 bags depending on the size
  • Southern fried seasoning


  1. Preheat oven to 180C/170C fan.  If using, line your large baking tray with reusable non stick baking liner

  2. Chop your chicken breasts into pieces. I tend to get 6-7 from one chicken breast. Try to make them similar thickness or size so they’ll cook evenly.

  3. You’ll need 2 bowls (normal dessert bowls) and one dinner plate or large pasta bowl.

  4. In bowl 1 break an egg and beat it. Bowl 2 put some flour in.

  5. On the plate/large shallow bowl mix a load of breadcrumbs, and sprinkle in a good amount of seasoning. Mix

  6. Coat/dip each piece of chicken in turn. Flour, then egg, then in the breadcrumbs to coat. Lay out on the baking tray.

  7. Cook in the oven until cooked through. Usually around 25 minutes, or less if you’ve cut them small.

  8. Serve with potato wedges or chips, and salad

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  1. I do really love southern fried chicken in all it’s forms, but I’ve never had much look with getting breadcrumbs to stick to any food I’ve made. I’ve likely missed an important step each time, as cooking from scratch has never been something I’m good at.

    The recipe seems pretty straightforward, which is always a plus when you have no real cooking skills like me. Would you recommend using better milke beforehand to give that melt in your mouth feeling?

    1. I’ve never used buttermilk. Do you mean marinading the chicken in that first? You could do but I think it works fine as it is.

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