Walkie talkie building and other skyscrapers in London's city

Project 52 2023 week 8

Week 8 of Project 52 for this year covered our half term. It felt like it came round really fast, but I suspect Easter will be upon on even faster! We’ve had a mix of a few relaxing days at home, plus got out for a couple of trips too.

Here’s our weekly round up.

Sunday was exciting. I’d got N a Young Driver’s lesson for Christmas, and the date had finally come round. An hour’s driving a car. Slightly different to driving round the farm. He really enjoyed it, so I think it’ll have to be an annual thing to get some practice in with a proper instructor rather than nipping around the farm.

On Monday N got on with his homework projects while I was working. Just the one day of work for me as I’ve got the rest of half term off.

Tuesday was my first day of leave. N asked to play badminton as he’s been enjoying it in his PE lessons at school. So we booked a court at the leisure centre. I wanted to show him the squash courts but noone was playing for us to watch. Badminton was a lot of fun, although very knackering. I was quite impressed with how good he was considering he’s only played a couple of times in the garden, and then had a handful of sessions at school. I used to play for our school team when other sports matches weren’t on, so I did still beat him. 

After 30 minutes I was very hot and exhausted, while he was hungry. I’d recently converted some Clubcard vouchers as they were going to expire, so had Pizza Express vouchers to use up. Service was horrendously slow, and they were missing quite a few soft drinks, and eggs to top the pizza I wanted. But it was an ok meal in the end.

We had a film afternoon – finally Peter Rabbit 2 was free on one of the streaming channels so we got round to watching it. 

On Wednesday we didn’t do much. N was on the sausage roll making for everyone again. I managed to get the Wimbledon tickets for the Saturday we wanted, so N can come with me this year. Scratched my car really badly thanks to some prat parking really close to the football field gate. I thought I’d have got round fine but misjudged the angle and scraped the post. It’s a pretty deep gouge, so expecting that to be a bit of a pricy repair. Frustrating.

Thursday I left N with his dad on the farm while I went to Painswick Rococo Garden to see the snowdrops. It was lovely, although I have to admit my lack of practice with my proper camera was telling. I use my phone so much, I  struggle getting good shots from ym camera. Once back, we wandered out in the field with the dogs.

On Friday we went to London for the day, taking one of N’s friends. We did the Tower of London, walked up Monument’s 311 steps for the views, checked out Leake Street Arches graffiti, and Borough Market. It was a lot of walking, but was a nice day out.

Saturday was a tiring day considering we didn’t do much. Friday’s trip out had taken it out of us. N had a football match, which they had some great performances in, but ended up the same score as their previous match against that team, 4-4. A valuable draw for them. The rest of the day we took things easy, although it felt like I need another week off before going back to work.

Walkie talkie building and other skyscrapers in London's city

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  1. It sounds like you had a good half-term. You had a nice mix of activities. I want to take the kids to London more. Wimbledon will be a good treat. Well done on getting tickets. The driving sounds like a good idea #365

  2. Mine loved doing the young driver and want to do it again. I am going to book Sebby in for fireflys next. I love exploring London and want to do the gunpowder plot next.

    1. There’s quite a few London things that would be good but I’m not sure N’s ready for them. Bit scary for him

  3. Oh glad you managed to get the sunday you wanted.

    oh no re the scratch on the car! Hope it doesn’t end up too costly to repair!

  4. Glad N enjoyed the Young Driver’s lesson. Glad N enjoyed his badminton session and that you managed to get tickets for the Saturday you wanted at Wimbledon. Sounds like you had a nice day out in London. Well done to N’s team on their draw. #project365

  5. I’m not even sure if I know where my camera is at the moment, I use my phone all the time. Love the driving scheme. Fab on getting the day you wanted for Wimbledon so N can actually go with you this time

  6. How exciting for N to have a go at driving. What a great idea for a present for him.
    Shame Pizza Express wasn’t that great but Tuesday sounds like a really lovely day.
    That’s great that you got the tickets you wanted for Wimbledon.
    Fantastic photo. I am guessing that was in London. x

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