Toddler outdoor activity – car washing

I’m a big fan of Pinterest, although it takes me a while to remember to refer back to items I’ve pinned when I’m trying to think of interesting things to try out or make.  Needless to say, I also have a couple of boards for activities for N, although we’ve not achieve many (if any!).

Someone had recently blogged about giving their children a bowl of water and letting them wash their toys outside while the weather’s good. Car washing is a great toddler outdoor activity for them to enjoy.

N had obviously read the same blog post as me, as the other day he was out the garden playing quite happily, and riding about in his cosy coupe car.  Next thing I see is he’s ‘watering’ his car inside and out with his watering can that was in his half-full water table.

Next thing, he’d wandered into the kitchen, gone and found a tea towel and was then trying to wipe the car dry again.

“My washing my car”.

cosy coupe
little tikes car

Finally, it was time to drive the car off.  Dry seat originally, until the water he’d poured in the cubby hole part was sloshed all down his back and into the seat.

water patch
water collection in kids coupe

He wasn’t worried, but needed a dry pair of shorts and a new nappy as they were sopping.

He’s never seen us wash the car (although they do clean the tractor with the pressure washer), so interesting how he came up with the idea.  Although anything involving water has to be an essential for toddler play if they’re choosing the activity.

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