Bike ride on the john deere gator

Project 365 2015 – photo a day week 7

It’s week 7 of Project 365, and I have to admit I’ve been very slack on taking photos.  We’ve not been up to much in the evenings, but N’s had a sleepy week, flaking out on the sofa quite a lot.

Sunday, N spent a bit of time reading his personalised book from Penwizard that we reviewed.  We’ve had many a discussion this week, about N having different colour hair to his 2 friends who feature in the book with him…and yet all 3 have blond hair in the book (they only had a dark brown, so blond was closer to N’s mousy!).

Penwizard personalised book

Monday, and I was really pleased with how my Sophie’s Universe crochet-a-long was going. I’m following along quite well until I realised I’d gone wrong somewhere and had one side a lot longer than the other 3. Damn, I had to frog (rip-it) it back so far, I ended up starting from scratch. Annoying, but now I’ve definitely got my colours sorted out because I’ve cut out a couple.

Sophie's universe crochet along 2015

Tuesday I walked back into the living room to find N, and found him asleep on the sofa with his Jesse bear.  So cute.  He has been really tired this week, so hopefully some lie ins this weekend might help (fat chance!).

a boy and his teddy bear...asleep

Wednesday, N came back from nursery with a valentine’s card he made. In it was a heart balloon, so of course we had to blog it up. Ever since then he’s been having to hold it and hug it all the time.

hugging a valentine's heart balloon

N’s been getting into YouTube recently, and as well as radio controlled tractor videos, he’s also been watching Thomas the tank engine videos – made up stories and watching the trains go round a track (boring in my opinion).  On Thursday his day showed him some music videos, and The Wurzels turned up.  So that was 10 minutes of amusing songs to listen to and watch (and the replied to my tweet mentioning the episode!).

wwatching The Wurzels

After a twitter conversation about food, Monika from Mum on the Brink, mentioned a local food challenge, trying to reduce food miles.  I decided to try it with our meal today.  While some were from supermarkets, most were British, if not local, and I even managed most of our dessert to be local too.

British based produce

Saturday had N spending most of the day outside playing or ‘working’.  We didn’t have a swimming lesson thanks to half term and being inbetween classes, so I took him fun swimming at the leisure centre in the morning. After lunch he wanted to play outside, then did a bit of metal detecting with my brother, before more playing outside.  He’s wanted to get on his bike, but decided that riding it on the mud was a good idea so it’s now filthy.  Using his gator was his method of moving it, although I wasn’t sure where he was taking it.

Bike ride on the john deere gator

What’s your week been like?

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  1. That crochet is looking amazing, well done. Love the picture of him having fallen asleep on the couch, so adorable.
    You tube is a great site for so much diverse stuff, enough to keep every age group happy.

  2. well done on shopping local, i can shop local if i was still living in South Africa as most of the food here is from there as well as the UK

    1. Not much produce could be grown on sand I suppose! It’s fine at a weekend, but anything on a more regular basis is a lot harder when you’re working.

    1. Thanks. It’s a lot easier second time round, so I’m much happier with it. Catching up slowly by surely to the week I should be on. Hopefully by next Sunday I’ll have caught up with everyone else.

    1. It’s an interesting challenge. We tend to buy British meat, and where we can other produce, so it’s not that hard for us when cooking from scratch.

    1. Crochet’s deceptive. Once you know how to chain, and double or treble crochet, you can do anything. I wouldn’t be able to design something myself…patterns and photo tutorials are my friend!

  3. Isn’t it funny the things they notice? I like the local food idea – I sometimes sit and think about my supermarket haul and think how far every item has travelled. We haven’t got into YouTube here yet. – trying to keep it a secret 😉

  4. Love the picture of him shifting his bike – he’s definitely a little farm boy! I got my daughter a Pen Wizard book at Christmas. Her hair is light brown/ dark blonde and I stupidly went for the brown hair in the book – it doesn’t look like her! I should definitely have chosen the blonde.
    The local food challenge sounds good.

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