Garden play Bubbablue and me

For the love of a garden – a day to play

Last weekend was a bit unusual for us.  No more parties after the excitement of January, and nothing arranged for Sunday.  Usually Saturday is for doing chores, swimming lessons and all those usual things you don’t get done in the week, and on Sundays I plan something for N and I to go out and about.

Garden play  Bubbablue and me

While I love to be at home blogging, reading or crocheting, I love to get out of the house for the day, to visit new places and just feel like we’re actually doing something worthwhile.  It also means I feel less pressured to do housework (other than a quick vacuum which isn’t too much of a pain and taking the rubbish and recycling down to the bins).  But when I asked N what he wanted to do on Sunday, he just wanted to stay at home.

My heart sunk, because I never really get to do much when we’re at home and he’s knocking around – unless he’s out for a few hours with his dad on the farm.  But I agreed to a day at home, and I didn’t go anywhere.  N wanted to play out in the garden though, so he had a good old time driving round his gator, poking around in the mud, balancing on the wall and trying to break the icy water table.

riding his john deere gator pushing the john deere gator

He does love just mooching, but I can’t wait until it’s warmer for me to enjoy being outside with him.  Then I can set up games for him to play, get him playing football or onto the swingball set, and try some more planting.

posing - outdoor play

One of the trampoline poles is broken (still).  Well, not so much the pole, but the foamy bit and support around it has broken meaning the top pole’s fallen out, and the netting is no longer upright on that part.  I stopped N going on the trampoline on his own because he’s wild and it’s not really that safe if I’m not around.  But later his cousin came over to play, and the two of them had a bit of a bounce on there together before following it up with a kick around.  Actually, his cousin had the kick around, and N attempted to get the ball of him pretty unsuccessfully.

It’s lovely to have a big garden, even if it needs a serious makeover and a fixed trampoline pole/net, but nothing stops N going out and having a play whether he’s on his own or not.

running - garden fun

What’s your children’s favourite thing to do in the garden?

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  1. I’m finding more and more that Monkey just ants to stay at home on Saturdays. He’s favourite pastime would be getting his diggers out in the ‘digging zone’ of the garden – but Cruel Mummy won’t let him do that until it’s warmer.

    1. Aw, let him out! Although I always tell N off for going on the wet grass. We have gator tracks round all the lawns because of him playing out!

  2. Aww that sounds like a busy day for N! Sadly we dont have a garden but when we are out in out small terrace my son would just draw on the floor =) #CountryKids

  3. It must be a farming thing, our trampoline is in much the same state after a couple of years of serious use! Nothing like playing in the garden whatever the weather. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

    1. Ours hadn’t even had much use before breaking. Think heavy gusts of wind blew it skew whiff and it’s just got worse since. The netting needs replacing but it’s weird that the pole didn’t stay in as well. They should be fine to keep the net up all winter, but obviously not with us. Glad it’s not just us that destroys things unintentionally!

  4. It’s great how N is happy to keep himself busy enjoying the garden without having to be entertained by anyone. And breaking ice on the water table and driving his gator must have been rather fun!

    1. The gator’s got serious battery delay. Think it needs a service, as there’s only one speed now (it’s been going about years) and that’s slow. But he still loves it.

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