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Enjoying the evening sun on the farm

I think we’re getting to the end of the amazing weather before the rain turns up in readiness for the bank holiday weekend, but we managed to get quite a bit of outdoor time at the weekend.  N doesn’t seem to affected by the warm weather, but I just want to lie in the cool rather than go out and about too much.

So we went out after tea one day, before the OH had come in from work.  It was still warm enough to be out in t shirts, but wasn’t as muggy (I dread to think what the summer temperatures might bring if this is only May and was this muggy).

I was hoping to teach N a bit of frisbee, but he wasn’t up for even trying.  Shame you can’t play frisbee on your own really…I suppose it’d be a boomerang then!

driving the tractor toy

N was only really interested in playing with his tractor.  It’s sileaging at the moment on the farm, so he wants to pretend he’s doing the same, although there seems to be a bit of pretend ploughing going on as well!  I was quite happy lying on a blanket relaxing.

riding on a tractor
in the garden

With a toddler it’s never quite as relaxing as it could be – he’d come leaning over me, driving the tractor into me and just generally being annoying without really knowing he was being so.

looking up

Then the dog arrived.  A few licks here and there (lovely!), then she flopped down beside me as well.

dog wanting a tickle
watching over the gate for dad

After a wander down to the farmyard to see if his dad was around (he wasn’t, but N assured me he was and that we had to go and find him), a spot of trampolining was required.  I have no idea where N gets his energy from at 6.30 in the evening.  Maybe it’s all the food he eats!  But it made a change from him being so tired he fell asleep on the sofa, like he’s been doing recently.

trampolining toddler

I love the bright evenings.  They’re so often a really relaxing time, the chores for the day are done, and it’s definitely about chilling out and spending time together before the bedtime routine kicks in. 

And when the weather’s this gorgeous, it makes for some amazing photos without too much effort.  These were all taken with my camera phone (Samsung Galaxy S3); I was really pleased with them as most were taken from the ground looking up for a different angle.

Are there any different types of shots you like to take of your children?  What angles do you like?

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  1. I love that everyone is getting out in the sun and having some good old fashion fun! Love the photos. Your little one looks pleased with the new found warmth on his back. lol THank you so much for linking up to Share With Me hope to see you again tomorrow for another great week! Sorry for the delay this week in commenting. It’s birthday party planning all week. So far behind! 😉 #sharewithme

  2. Looks like lots of fun just playing in the garden, I know what you mean with muggy whether though I don’t mind it being hot as long as I haven’t got to do stuff 😉 #countrykids

  3. Your Galaxy does take a wonderful photo, I would never believe that was a phone. Looks like a lovely lazy evening on the farm, I do hope that lovely sunshine returns for us all. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  4. It’s been so nice being able to get out and just enjoy the garden hasn’t it! I have to admit I take all my photos on my iphone and I take loads and then do lots of cropping and zooming and filtering 🙂 I like looking down on what they’re doing if I can, always think that looks quite effective! #CountryKids

    1. I actually prefer the photos my phone takes vs my camera. It’s so handy, and easier to work out the settings if I want to change things as well.

      Looking down’s always good – hard to get high enough without showing your shadown

  5. Love a relaxing evening outside. Well, almost in your case. Admiring the nicely clipped grass. I’m always really surprised at how well my photos on the phone come out. It does make a light weight alternative.#CountryKids

    1. We have a ride on lawn mower and a father in law who’s obsessed with nice clipped grass!
      I actually prefer my photos on my phone as my compact brightens them too much. Thanks for stopping by

  6. Lovely photos and very happy looking little man. We’ve been enjoying the sun this week too 🙂
    Samsung’s do take great photos..I have the S4 mini and it’s great! As for photo angles, I do love a shot looking down from above and what they’re up to..almost like looking through their eyes at what they’re doing x

    1. Is the S4 Mini good? I’m due to upgrade and was thinking about the S5, but both that and the S4 are so huge, I’d be better off taking my compact camera out and about. Hadn’t realised til recently there was a mini. What’s the battery power like?

  7. Been raining past few days so this outing of yours is perfect. I love going out when its almost night time as everything & everyone is more relax. We did this last night when hubby got a night off fr his 2nd job. Just what we need a mid of the week family bonding like yours =) #ShareWithMe

  8. Your photos are beautiful, I’m so rubbish at taking pictures, they always turn out awful! #sharewithme

    1. Thank you. Most of my photos are on the phone – my tip, take loads. Get a good bright background (but not too sunny) and try different angles, crop/zoom in etc. It’s all just practise. Oh and I do most stuff on auto!

  9. I love the photo of N on the trampoline! It’s wonderful 🙂

    I have the S4 and adore the camera on it, in fact I haven’t used my actual camera in a long time!


    1. Thanks I love trampolining photos – they’re so hard to get right at the correct moment. That’s why I love my phone camera as I can just keep pressing, whereas my camera speed is so slow in comparison.

      I do love my camera though – but it’s an effort to take it out and about compared to the phone.

    1. We had rain last night. Looking bright again today, so it’s not too bad here. Fingers crossed we don’t get loads of rain at the weekend.

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