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Little Snappers books – review and giveaway

Last year we did the 300 picture books challenge and managed to complete it in May or June, reading 300 different picture books.  I can’t say the same for my own personal challenge, it was a seriously poor showing and this month alone I’m not far off my 2014 books read total!

This year, we’re taking it easy with picture books.  N’s book shelves are bursting (so much so that his downstairs fabric sling ones have broken), but we do still love finding new books to read.  We were sent a 2 new titles from the Little Snappers review.

I have to admit that nowadays we don’t really have any flap or pop up books.  Well, apart from a couple of reference books that are a bit old for N at the moment.  So I was interested to see what he’d think of them now he’s turned four.

The books we were sent are Cheep Cheep Pop-up Fun and Snip Snap Pop-up Fun both by Jonathan Litton and Kasia Nwowoiejska.  They’re full of animals which always goes down well with children, plus rhyming prose which is great for their language skills development.  I always find that stories with rhythm are not only easier to read, but also easier for N to pick up and learn, repeating and anticipating what comes next.

little snappers books

The books have some of the brightest illustrations I’ve ever seen, and a hardboard book means it’s more substantial in the hands of small children.

little snappers books - lion

Although I thought they’d catch N’s eye, he didn’t seem to look twice when I mentioned there were some new books.  So he’s not been too keen on reading them over some of his other books.  This might be because he’s had quite a few new ones recently, thanks to a birthday and a book token where he could go to the bookshop and choose his own.

Once he did read them he loved guessing the animals from the words, and the different directions that the flaps open, it makes the books a little less predictable for an older child.  Not forgetting of course the best thing about the books, trying to get the crocodile to eat your fingers!

I think these books are perfect for older babies, toddlers and younger preschoolers, but I’m not sure a 5 year old would be that excited about them, given N’s initial disinterest.  .

If you want to buy one they’re available from Amazon.

Alternatively you can enter to win these books by answering a question and completing the rafflecopter.

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Disclosure: We were sent these books for review and to giveaway by little Tiger Press. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. My daughter loves sheep because she has a ‘sheepie onsie’ it’s actually a polar bear but she thats what she calls it.

  2. My daughter loves sheep because she has a ‘sheepie onsie’ it’s actually a polar bear but she thats what she calls it.

  3. my son who turns 1 in a few weeks loves crocodiles especially when i do snap snap with my hands to him and sing row row row your boat xx

  4. My grandson loves pretending to be a dinosaur. He also enjoys watching the farm animals in the nearby fields as well.

  5. Its got to be The Lion,
    As he loves the film the lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,
    And loves to listen to me read about the mountains glistening,
    And the children enter through a wardrobe a wonderland out of sight!
    The windows are cold as cold could be,
    And the witch in all of her glory,
    The silver trunks of trees glowing at night,
    And snow covered landscapes very bright,
    And we imagine the streams not flowing covered in ice,
    Until the passing of time.

  6. Giraffes because they are so tall they can see in the tree tops and talk to the birds x

  7. my daughter loves dogs, not sure why but shes always had a thing for them since she was a baby.

  8. A Giraffe – he thinks that if/when he meets a real one he can slide down its long neck (he also thinks cos they have long legs they’d be good at football)

  9. Definitely cats because Dexter loves our cat James as they play cars together. They both seem fascinated with pushing them under the sofa though!!

  10. My daughter loves snakes. she held one at the butterfly farm and has loved them since

  11. Cats. This is probably at least partly due to my influence. And we’ve been fortunate enough to live near some friendly cats that actually like being petted.

  12. I think my little lady would love these – she’s a big fan of interacting with pop ups and flaps etc.
    Lovely to see you linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  13. A tiger because since i read The tiger that came to tea to my eldest, my younger goes around roaring like a tiger

  14. The Tigers at Flamingo Zoo which is 2 minutes from our house and baby tigers were born last year and my son loves to go and see them every weekend

  15. My little girl loves lions the most after she saw one and it roared at her at Chester Zoo

    1. Yes, I was surprised that it was targetting up to 5 year olds. I guess it’s good for learning to read in terms of a starting book, but I’d definitely say it wouldn’t keep N’s attention for long. He prefers picture books with a proper story in now.

  16. Edith’s favourite animal is a dog. As she is only 16months it is the only animal word she can say!

  17. My daughter loves cats and has several items of clothing featuring them which she just must wear!

  18. We had these as well. They both really liked them but I think they are a bit young for Harrison, who is nearly 4. Alex, who is 2 LOVED them! #triedtested

  19. The pictures look so bright and colourful, perfect for those just getting interested in books.


  20. My nephew loves dinosaurs atm although he has a dinosaur game which scares him as the dino jumps forward and roars! (Scares me too!)

  21. Our grandson Chester’s favourite animal is his little monkey Chatty, it has a little recorder than replays whatever Chester says to him. He takes it everywhere and at even uses it to back him up in disagreements with us about bedtime!

  22. my daughter loves ducks- shes only 2 so her language is limited but she can copy perfectly ducks – with walk and everything

  23. Cats! He is 7 months old and we have four. Whenever he sees one of them he squeals with excitement!

  24. Hes only 6 Months but loves his toy Chick that rattles, Would love to be considered for these for my son he loves me reading to him x

  25. My son loves seeing goats. We took him to a small family run farm/zoo and he is over the moon when we visit the goats pen.

  26. my 4 yr old loves pigs. He asked father christmas for 3 pet pigs. he didn’t get them haha. Their mummies favourite animal so not sure if that’s why

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