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Parragon book buddy review: Wakey Wakey Big Brown Bear

N’s back in his story back frame of mind compared with the last month or so of him not really wanting stories.  It’s great to get back to reading with him again…although we’re tending to have numerous stories in the morning rather than the evening.  So it was timely receiving our latest Book Buddy book from Parragon last week.

Parragon books

Wakey Wakey Big Brown Bear by Tracey Corderoy is a lovely book.  Usually it takes a while for N to get into a new book, but he immediately picked this one up from his pile without me having to point it out to him.  As he’s a fan of Peter Rabbit, he always seems keen on books with animals in as he can relate those to what he already knows.

wakey wakey big brown bear

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This picture book is all about the brown bear preparing for hibernation and how his friends save the autumn and winter for him.  I love the idea that it starts talking to children about real life events in nature as well as the weather.  It also helps children understand about doing things for your friends.

The illustrations are gorgeous, tying in really well with Autumn colours, and N enjoying pointing out the different animals (I think he’s a bit obsessed with rabbits as he keeps calling the Snow Hare a rabbit even after I’ve told him it’s a hare!).

He’s quite often picked the book out to read over some of his old favourites – I like to make sure N has good access to all his books, and can choose them himself, so there do tend to be piles of children’s books all over the place, much to the OH’s grief (he’s been moaning for years about my books taking over and now he’s got picture books as well.

Wakey Wakey Big Brown Bear is available from Amazon now.

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