I class myself as a fairly savvy shopper, especially when it comes to books.  But even though I keep a record of the books we have, I have found several times that we’ve ended up with duplicates.

This is obviously more of an issue when I’ve bought all the books (several times even when recording what I’ve already bought, I’ve not checked and bought duplicates – very careless!), but with children’s picture books there’s always the danger you end up with doubles.  Especially when you get through so many, and are particular fans.  My best friend/N’s godmother is a big book fan as well, so gets him tokens instead to avoid the issue.

But we’ve managed to accumulate a few duplicates which I’ve managed to keep away from N’s grubby mitts, and have decided to give them away on my blog.  3 are new, the other is a used book, but still in good readable condition.

win 4 picture books

The books are:

  • The Tiger who came to Tea – Judith Kerr, real classic, one from my childhood
  • The Gruffalo – Julia Donaldson, a modern classic, who doesn’t love the rhythmic prose in this book series
  • Slowly, Slowly, Slowly said the Sloth – Eric Carle, I’d never come across this from The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s author, but we somehow ended up with 2 copies
  • We’re going on a Bear Hunt – Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury, another classic from past years, great for acting out with the children.

As usual, to enter all you need to do is answer the question in the comments below and come back and click on the entered button.  All other entry routes are optional.  Detailed t&c are in the widget but it’s UK entry only, and all entries will be checked before the draw. Closing date for entries is 11.59pm on 24th May

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  1. Kirsten Barthy

    In the rocking chair with my daughter in my arms

  2. We always have a book in our bed before bedtime

  3. Amanda Mallows

    I like to cuddle up with my little lady on the sofa.

  4. Denise Taylor-Dennis

    We like to read in bed before we go to sleep.

  5. Patricia Avery

    I love to read with my grandchildren any place anywhere. Just wish I got to do it more often 🙂

  6. Linda Guest

    In the garden when it’s sunny, in the conservatory while it’s raining as the sound of the rain on the glass is comforting and we snuggle up on the bean bag together and share a book

  7. Cheryl Pearson

    Green Eggs and Ham ~ I read my kids my own childhood copy 🙂 Its lasted well but looking rather tatty !

  8. Joanne Higgins

    cuddled up on the sofa xx perfect xx

  9. Karen Louise wright

    I like to read to them in their beds or on the sofa x

  10. clair pearson

    I love reading the girls their bedtime story in bed, it’s a nice family time and helps make the girls rewind at a long day

  11. Gemma Chantler

    On the sofa snuggled up in a blanket x

  12. We always snuggle up before bed he usually falls asleep listening, so adorable x

  13. What a lovely selection great for my little boy x

  14. nicola white

    i have two small boys so i always snuggle up with them on the sofa and read a book before bed x

  15. Charmian Filewood

    In bed, or in the garden for atmosphere 🙂

  16. pauline black

    we read to my grandson at night before he goes to sleep, its his bedtime routine. He watches in the night garden with iggle piggle and then its story time 🙂

  17. Going on a Bear Hunt is the perfect story to be read aloud while exploring in the woods.

  18. Susan Carter

    Peter’s Pebbles (complete with a set of real painted pebbles) is this weeks favourite book.

  19. Caroline Anne Bellamy

    expecting my first, looking forward to story time on the sofa

  20. We love to read at any time of day cuddling up on the sofa

  21. Raych Bonness

    I love reading with my nephew when he’s going to bed

  22. Kim Webster-Marsh

    Our favourite place is on a sunny day under a shady tree in the park or garden but the usual place in in bed just before we switch the lights out 🙂 x

  23. saisse sanders

    Either in the library, so she can interact with other children, or tucked up in our big bed x

  24. Susan Sargent

    Reading to my grandson in his bedroom

  25. On our big bean bag in little one’s room 🙂

  26. We love snuggling up on the settee to read together

  27. Carroll Marsh

    My Favourite place to read to all my little ones is snuggled up close on the sofa,with no radio or TV,no distractions at all!<except maybe our darling little ragdoll cats!Miaow!!X

  28. Kel Ellen Hirst

    Snuggled up in bed in the evening x

  29. Jill Cordner

    After I’ve tucked them into bed and all 3 have different favourite books x

  30. Jennifer Rhymer

    All of us on the sofa just before bed 🙂

  31. lisa owen

    I have 2 year old twins and them my 6 yr old 8 yr old and 10 year old all snuggle up together either on a sofa or a bed all squshed lol

  32. claire matthews-curtis

    It’s lovely to read in the garden on a nice day on the swinging chair together

  33. Claire Appleton

    All snuggled up in their bedroom 🙂

  34. Adam Spurrier

    My first child is on it’s way but I’d love to read him a book at bedtime.

  35. becca staples

    On the sofa, snuggled up before bed time x

  36. sandralynn ralph

    it used to be whilst they were in bed but now they have grown up and the youngest is a teenager i now have that joy of reading to my grandson now whilst snuggled up on the sofa with him

  37. Alice Fox

    Anytime because my boys love me to read to them 🙂

  38. Jo Booth

    at bedtime, whilst she’s snuggled in bed 🙂

  39. tracey thompson

    love reading in the garden, especially on a sunny day

  40. Amanda Milton

    I haven’t got any children yet,but I love reading my cousins stories at bedtime,so it would be in the bedroom,if i’m lucky enough to win the books,they would be for them 🙂

  41. Julie Ward

    Usually on the sofa or bedtime. Dont always get away with reading one book, but thats what grandmas are for

  42. katie Kathurima

    when ever she brings me a book but also every night at bed time

  43. Gillian Hale

    On a sunny day like to day, I like to take a book to the park and sit under a tree with my two boys

  44. michelle banks

    anywhere! my grandaughter loves to read anywhere!!! lol

  45. Lynn Heath

    I love it when they are in bed, I tuck my feet up under the quilt and we read a bedtime story together!

  46. Katie Robertson

    sitting on my son’s bed at bedtime

  47. Spencer Broadley

    When they go to bed – I read to them then – mainly because most other times I’m at work or winding down after

  48. Holly Goodyear

    I have a corner set up with all my daughters teddy’s, cushions and books although we don’t have many books!

  49. Kirsty Greer

    In bed at bedtime, or snuggled on the sofa x

  50. chrisyocomp

    tucked up under a blanket inside whilst it is raining outside….we call it having a bookathon!

  51. Hazel Christopher

    Cuddled up in bed at night time 🙂

  52. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Snuggled up on the settee (usually with the dog at the other end) 🙂

  53. marion king

    sittling next to his favourite nanny, ME !!!!

  54. Laura Pritchard

    On his bed, curled up under a blanket.

  55. katie skeoch

    on the sofa with a blanket to cuddle under

  56. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs

    When they are both in bed 🙂

  57. claire woods

    In the bedroom just before son goes to sleep. He’s in bed and I am on the floor next to the bed. It’s dark, quiet, relaxing.


    Where’s your favourite place to read with your children?
    Curled up on the settee

  59. Leanne Bell

    Snuggled up in my Daughters bed for a bedtime story.

  60. sam bailey

    Love to take my niece down to the park or in the garden and read books cant beat being out in the fresh air

  61. Sarah Wyatt

    I like reading to my daughter wherever she asks me to but my favourite is her bedtime story cuddled up in bed.

  62. sian hallewell

    we read everywhere, but fabourite has got to be the bedtime story, which takes place in bed

  63. I like to read to my stepkids in the bath. They love a good story whilst in a nice bubble bath before bed.

  64. Kay Broomfield

    We read to our son every night without fail in bed.

  65. We’ve just made a book nook for Boo which we love to read in, but I do also love sitting on the sofa, child either side of me, and snugly reading a book together 🙂

    • I would love a book nook. Or a bay window with a window seat. Or just an entire library.

  66. Ashley Horton

    on the sofa wrapped up in blankets 🙂

  67. Elaine Savage

    The living room, with the television OFF!

  68. Mandy Waller

    In bed where its cosy and relaxed 🙂

  69. angela hamilton

    snuggled up on the sofa under a blanket just before they go to bed

  70. Jo Jones

    Sitting cuddled up together in an armchair before bed

  71. Sarah Boag

    My favourite place to read with my children is in their bed, squashed together.

  72. leigh boyle

    Before bed snuggled up under the covers with them

  73. Favourite place to read to my children is my bed.

  74. Catherine McAlinden

    Snuggled on the sofa, with one child either side!

  75. Anthony Harrington

    anywhere and everywhere, still very young.

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