With the beginning of Spring – well, we’re in March but I’m not sure the weather’s consistently realised it yet– and Easter rapidly approaching, many of us think about getting out and about more.  But until the weather warms up, maybe make the most of hunkering down under blankets in front of the fire and having some family film afternoons or evenings.

Spring sees some new children’s film releases front,  due out in March which are perfect for young children or family viewing.

Spring children's film releases giveaway

Little Chicken’s Egg-cellent Adventure

Little Chicken’s Egg-cellent Adventure was released on 7th March on dvd.  This is a fun filled story with lots of laughs.  Rolo is a teenage rooster who’s a bit of a chicken.  But he needs to step up and save the farm when an evil rancher threatens his home.  The movie features the voices of Zachary Gordon (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), and is a colourful animation for all the family.  I think this one’s definitely one for N – he loves a film with laughs in.

Beyond Beyond

If you’ve got children who dream of going to sea, then maybe Beyond Beyond is for them.  This dvd’s released on 21st March.

Johan’s a rabbit who lives at sea with his father. He dreams about steering the ship to visit a faraway kingdom where he’s hoping to find his mother.  Receiving a mysterious radio call one day, Johan decides to set off alone on an adventure.  The story’s based on an old traditional Scandinavian folk talk and is a lovely film about reaching for dreams and coming to terms with absent loved ones.

Both DVDs are PG rated, and I’ve got set of the 2 DVDs to giveaway to 2 lucky readers.  If you’d like to be one of the winners, just answer the question in the comments below (leave the url box empty unless you have a blog) then complete the entry on the rafflecopter widget.  Do share the competition with friends as well.

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  1. Charmian Filewood

    It was a family meal, lots of chocolate and games 🙂

  2. Joanna Kasznicki

    My sons both had chickenpox so all our plans went to pot, they still had the easter eggs though.

  3. Lisa Mcalley

    Usually we do but this year my youngest was ill and my special needs son was in hospital so didnt have a chance

  4. stephen smith

    yeah the whole family come together for a meal

  5. Laura Harrison

    Usually go to my parent for a roast and spend time with my family. When I have children I will do Easter Egg hunts and other fun things x

  6. Dale Dow

    we do, we like to do an Easter egg hunt and an Easter walk

  7. Philip Underwood

    I celebrate Easter. I like to bake and decorate the house!

  8. jackie curran

    We have hot cross buns and easter eggs. Just a few days at home with the family .

  9. Pam Francis Gregory

    Always organise an Easter Egg hunt around the garden

  10. Moany Mike

    We celebrate in terms of Easter eggs but not as a religious occasion. For us, Easter means having a long weekend to share time and celebrate what a great family we have 🙂

  11. We don’t celebrate Easter but it is important to spend quality time as a family over the break.

  12. Emilia nastaly-howard

    We do celebrate Easter with all the family around.. Going to parks, playing in the garden and watching movies together

  13. nicola ithell

    I love spending easter visiting my family. We always do an easter egg hunt for the children with even the teenagers joining in. Lovely to see the happy, smiling faces.

  14. Simone Kilshaw

    we took our daughter to a hotel for the night.she loved exploring somewhere new. I cant wait til she is old enough to do easter egg hunts 🙂

  15. I used to do an Easter egg hunt with my children when they were little and follow with a yummy family roast dinner. We now have another little one so am looking forward to when he’s old enough to do the same.

  16. Victoria Prince

    We were poorly over Easter so all plans went to pot 🙁 we did manage some belated eggs and hot cross buns though!

  17. Adrian Bold

    We had an egg treasure hunt and of course LOTS of chocolate.

  18. Victoria B

    Lots and lots of family visits up and down the country!

  19. Jade Hewlett

    I spent Easter with the family and eating Easter eggs

  20. sharon martin

    we docelebrate easter, will be spent eating chocolate, relaxing and the odd day trip

  21. Sheri Darby

    Eating chocolate and going for long walks

  22. lindsey graty

    We don’t celebrate the religious side of easter we just do easter Egg hunt with the kids.

  23. Shalene Hodder

    We had a big family get together on Easter Sunday.

  24. Lynne OConnor

    We don’t celebrate the religious side of Easter but do go in for chocolate, Easter Egg Hunts and family time

  25. Lucy Chester

    Yes we celebrate Easter and we spend it with family with an Easter Egg hunt


    We went to Butlins for Easter as we celebrate having some family time x

  27. Leanne Newsome

    Yes we went to my parents for a Easter egg hunt with our kids and dinner

  28. Samantha loughlin

    Yes we do and spending loads of family time xx

  29. kimberley ryan

    yes we celebrate Easter, we had an egg hunt, visited relatives and trips to the park

  30. Sarah Archibald

    We celebrate it in the form of fun and chocolate eggs for our daughter. We do the typical egg hunt etc 🙂

  31. Yes we celebrate Easter. We go to Mass and then spend time as a family with easter egg hunts and rolling of eggs followed by way too much chocolate 🙂

  32. Lots of quality family time and catching up with people. Always love to do that!

  33. We had a family get-together over the Easter weekend, did an Easter Egg hunt for the kids, friends and a lovely family roast dinner

  34. Rachel Butterworth

    I’ll be doing an easter egg hunt with my niece and three nephews.

  35. Jo McPherson

    We had a family get-together over the Easter weekend, did an Easter Egg hunt for the kids and a family roast dinner


    The grandchildren get easter eggs, I didn’t do anything special

  37. Kirsty Sparks

    I give people easter eggs but spend it all at work.

  38. Tasha Hamilton

    Just a quiet Easter at home eating Easter eggs

  39. rebecca smith

    it was my 30th birthday on good friday so we started our easter celebrating then we had 3 eg hunts, easter crafts and a big lamb roast dinner

  40. melanie stirling

    We don’t do anything special just have an easter egg.

  41. Natalie Baskerville

    We celebrate by doing craft activities, watching movies and an egg hunt.

  42. amanda walsh

    We don’t really celebrate, we aren’t religious and its all become too commercial! We do get the children an egg each but apart from that its a normal day

  43. Ema J Lowe

    we don’t celebrate it as such. we give the children easter eggs and spend quality time together.

  44. nicola clarkson

    we will be going to my inlaws or an easter egg hunt with the children

  45. Samantha O'D

    We are not religious but will be having a big roast dinner and celebrating our daughters first birthday on Easter monday

  46. Jayne Kelsall

    The kids wouldn’t let me Not celebrate it, I always do an easter egg hunt which they love and do an easter meal with the family coming over, I love it, it’s the next best thing to christmas because it brings all my family together.x

  47. melissa crowe

    yes we do every year, have a lovely family meal then easter egg hunt with children

  48. Tracy Newton

    We have just over a week off. We are going on holiday for a few nights. Hopefully if the weather is ok we will do some work on the garden.

  49. Corinne Peat

    We will be doing an Easter egg hunt with the kids.

  50. We’ll be having a slap up Easter family dinner.

  51. abigail edkins

    I dont actually celebrate the proper meaning of easter but I do get involved with the whole easter egg hunt and family time thing

  52. Margaret Clarkson

    Yes, I do celebrate Easter. I hope to go to Church on Easter Sunday and then have a nice meal with my family and eat chocolate eggs.

  53. We celebrate by having an easter egg hunt around the house & garden followed by a couple of films,a family dinner then a nice walk in the woods

  54. we don’t really celebrate Easter but tend to take my son for an egg hunt to let him run around in the fresh air 🙂

  55. claire woods

    We don’t really celebrate but look forward to more time together.

  56. Sarah Parkin

    We celebrate by hiding a couple of eggs around the house for the kids to hunt for

  57. sarah rees

    having time off work, spending time with my kids and family

  58. Suzanne Gaulton

    Easter weekend at home doing usual chocolate related things then seeing family

  59. laura stewart

    yes we are having a easter egg hunt at home followed by a roast dinner 🙂

  60. We will be doing an easter egg hunt and a family lunch!

  61. Ruth Harwood

    My son will be meeting his dad for the first time and I will be watching with pleasure xx

  62. Leanne Lunn

    Renovating and spending time with the children 🙂

  63. Natalie Charman

    Roast lamb diner then easter eggs!!

  64. Susan Smith

    Going to have a couple of days out, but havent decided where yet

  65. Andrea Fletcher

    A family meal and a few days on holiday.

  66. clair downham

    yes we do we will be doing a easter egg hunt for the kids and having roast lamb

  67. relaxing weekend with the kids, lots of chocolate

  68. Annabel Greaves

    We often do an egg hunt and we are visiting the extended family so the kids get to see their cousins xx

  69. aaron broad

    We sort of do will get some eggs for the family

  70. Paula Readings

    I will be working the weekend, but i have the family here for dinner on the Monday.

  71. Clare Hubbard

    We have a family get together on Easter Sunday and an Easter egg hunt for the children

  72. Claire D

    We just like the time with each other without having to rush to work/school

  73. Tracy Nixon

    We always attend our towns Easter Egg hunt and we usually have a few days out if the weather is good. No plans yet though x

  74. Harline parkin

    I’m having my grandchildren over I’m cooking a lamb roast and weather permitting I will be hiding Easter eggs in the garden for them

  75. I love Easter – we make an Easter tree, do loads of craft and do an egg hunt. We also try to have a couple of trips out as well .

  76. ashleigh allan

    Yes we will have an easter egg hunt !

  77. Kay Panayi

    My youngest daughters 3rd birthday fall on Easter Sunday this year so we’re having a party

  78. laura banks

    we do i do a treasure hunt for my son and we chill over the weekend

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