converse and oshkosh b'gosh t shirts

Bargain childrenswear buys at TKMaxx

I’ve been checking out TKMaxx more frequently than usual over the last 6 months or so.  We have one in town, but it’s a bit of a walk away from the main shopping centre area.  However I work a 5 minute walk away, and if I’m back from my lunchtime walk early, then I’ll sometimes pop in to see what they have.

I rarely buy anything for me (I’m still waiting on more choice of Birkenstocks to come in like last year), but quite often look for birthday or Christmas presents for younger children.  I do see quite a bit of Melissa and Doug puzzles, although I’m always careful to check prices as games and puzzles aren’t always that good value if you normally shop online.

Our puzzle cupboard does have a few large floor puzzles which were bought in TKMaxx though, and I’ve never seen similar reversible/colouring in puzzles elsewhere.  On this occasion I picked up a 60 odd piece puzzle of the 7 continents of the world.  It reminds me of some old country puzzles we had as children, and hopefully will provide a chance to talk about different countries and engage N in some geographical interest.

7 continents jigsaw puzzle

I don’t often find anything in the boyswear section.  Mostly because so much of it tends to be logos emblazoned across the clothing, and shouting out labels I’m not that fussed about.  Oh, and as usual, the boy section is always tiny compared with the girls section.

This time though, I found a couple of really nice t shirts.

converse and oshkosh b'gosh t shirts

The first is from OshKosh b’Gosh, not a brand you see around that much over here.  I love polo shirts on N – they always look smart, they’re often stripy which look great with different plain trousers or jeans, and in the summer, are handy for helping protect the neck from the sun.  Looking online it appears these kind of t shirts are sold for around £15, so getting it for a fiver was a pretty good deal.

The second t shirt I love.  I think the silhouette from the print is really effective and stands out brilliantly.  Ok, so it’s obvious it’s Converse, but I can live with that for a funky print.  And I love the bright blue colour.  Again, I’ve spotted a different coloured version of this on Amazon selling for around £18, so I was pleased with around a fiver again.  Amusingly, the label that TKMaxx had put on it said girls, although it was on the boys rail, but who cares – it’s pretty unisex in colour.

I managed to avoid the gift and baking sections in store as I could spend a fortune on those type of products.  I was really pleased with my bargain childrenswear – both bought in the next size up so N will have a full year or so of wear in them.  The t shirts, however good a bargain, were probably more than I’d usually spend on t shirts as I do usually buy in sales and from supermarkets, but hopefully they’ll last as they seem good quality.

Have you had any good bargains from TKMaxx?  What are your tips for shopping there?

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  1. I love TKMaxx as long as I’m on my own and have the time. I do get bargains in there though. Like you, I get my birks in there and also sunglasses. You’re right, the boys section is never as big or as good. I do like that Converse top though 🙂 x

    1. TKMaxx definitely isn’t a quick in and out options. I keep looking for Birkos there, but our store only ever seems to have mens colours in massive sizes or the nicer colours in size 3. Saw some lovely floral ones but way too small. Hopefully they’ll get some more in over the next few weeks.

  2. I just don’t have the time and patience to rummage around for too long in TKMaxx but as I often use ours as a short cut I do feel drawn towards the handbags. I love your t-shirts, I’m a big fan of polo shirts too.

    1. I’m the same. I despite messy rails, I prefer to see all colours/styles together so I can neatly flick from one section to the next. Guess the people who do want to rummage find the best stuff though.

      Polo shirts are lovely aren’t they? They’re smart, but still make them look like little boys.

  3. It can be an amazing place to shop, but like you say you do have to check the prices carefully! We do a lot of present shopping there too, but have to avoid the homewear/baking section for the sake of my bank balance!

    1. Me too. I love the baking section, and they do have some fabulous furniture. If we had the space I’d definitely be stocking up there for some unique pieces.

    1. I know what you mean. I find baby gifts are great there, Christmas have great things, and my brother used to get all his smart shirts and ties for work there.

    1. I never find much for me (although they do have nice bags and scarves). But I also know lots of people who find great bargains. I think you have to be in there loads when they do the new stock.

  4. I agree, I’ve got some great bargains there over the years. But it’s an experience that requires a bit of time invested, I find the children are best left at home!

    1. Definitely need to leave children at home when doing serious shopping. And I agree, needs some time – it’s a bit like charity shop shopping, you need to go regularly to find the good stuff

  5. Love a TK Maxx bargain. I got my Converse High Tops there last spring – and they have been a real bargain. Found a gorgeous shirt and jeans set for T once in the Banbury store – but I agree with you – it’s generally slim pickings for the boys. I have found that the childrens books and toys sections can be worth a trawl – you can pick up boxed sets v reasonably there sometimes too! Well done with your haul!

    1. I’m not really keen on the actual shopping experience there – I hate the new Banbury layout. It’s a bit jumble sale like – and I hate the by size thing as you need to check several sizes in the hope of finding the one item you’ve seen that’s not in your size.
      But you can find some great bargains – agree on the book/gift type products. Everyday books not so good.

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