Getting kids dressed for summer - Bubbablue and me

Getting kids dressed for summer

A glorious British summer is just around the corner (we hope). What with the prospect of some sunshine, enjoying ice creams in the park and trips out to the seaside, there also comes the stress of dressing kids for summer. Without a doubt summer is the season that requires the most outfit changes, from spilled ice lollies to ripped knees, from falling over and moans of “I’m too hot”.  Being prepared for it in advance gives mums a good head start.

Getting kids dressed for summer - Bubbablue and me

Here are some tips for dressing the kids in summer to make sure your summer is a breeze:

1) Always be prepared

Whether you’re heading to a theme park, off to the beach or going away on a summer holiday, when travelling with children it’s always better to be over prepared than under. Summer means more playing with friends outside and inevitably many more opportunities to get dirty and wet, or hot and sticky. Stock up on spare t-shirts and shorts and stuff a pair in your bag for just in case, so you don’t end up with a grumpy child who has to wear a dirty t-shirt the whole ride home.

2) Protect them from the sun

Even if you’re not going on holiday abroad, we do sometimes a few hot days a year each summer and children’s skin needs protecting. On a warm day make sure they’re wearing clothing which covers them from the sun and try to make them wear a hat when it’s really hot. Older clothes are best in summer so you don’t mind getting sun cream on them and throwing them away if they get stained or ripped – this works really well on holiday.

3) Keep cool

Lighter cotton based fabrics which don’t cling are so much more comfortable for kids and will make your life much easier without having to deal with complaints about being too hot. Lots of layers is a good idea as the British summer can be unpredictable with unexpected downpours and breezy days as standard. By carrying a hoodie or pack a mac around in your bag it means you’re prepared for all eventualities and won’t have to go home to get changed.  M and M Direct have a great selection of layers for adults and kids.

Don’t forget about footwear too, canvas pumps and trainers make great summer shoes for kids as their feet stay cool, they’re comfortable for lots of walking and can easily be popped in the wash if they get dirty.

Hopefully, we’ll have a great summer and you’ll be better prepared for dressing your kids for those exciting days out.

What tips do you have for summer wear for children?


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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  1. Some great points and suggestions here. My only problem is the weather, one moment it’s summer and the next its winter all within the same week!

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