Like many parents I love taking photos of N.  I’ve totally embraced Instagram – the day that launched for Android, I was over the moon.  Since taking part in Project 365 this year, and trying to input to #CapturingColour, I’m taking even more photos of other random pretty (and random weird) items I see when I’m out and about.  The only downside is what to do with all the photos.

I love looking at old photo albums and N is the same, especially if they involve him!  He definitely takes after me and not his father, who doesn’t understand the fascination with taking lots of photos and looking at them.  He’s a bit hypocritical really, because he does love history, and getting old family photos out to talk to N about.

When N was younger I was really good about sorting, printing photos and putting themq in albums.  Then I realised that was quite a lot of effort, so had a couple of photobooks done.  But even that takes a lot of effort sorting hundreds, if not thousands of photos on my laptop or hard drive.  So when Polagram approached me to introduce their service I was instantly excited.

Polagram is a photo print app.  Photos can be uploaded from instagram, your phone gallery or Facebook.  No more having to sort through folders and folders on my computer.  Just pick the type of photo, choose the photos I wanted to print from instagram, and order them.

polagram app

In the past I’ve found ordering online has been slow thanks to our slow broadband connection, that is having to upload photos and waiting ages for them to process.  But with Polagram it was so quick and easy. I simply decided on the type of photo I wanted – I chose polaroid style (because I quite fancied journalling where, what and when the photo was taken, but you can have standard photos in a variety of sizes.  I uploaded around 30 photos from the instagram folder on my phone, and it took only around a minute.  Then it’s just type in your details, pay and wait for your photos to arrive.

Mine didn’t take long to arrive in their hot pink envelope.  I think N was almost as excited as me to see them.  He was straight in wanting to see what photos I’d printed out.  It was all I could do to keep his sticky fingers off them.

checking photos - Polagram

The quality of the photos paper is really good, and I’m looking forward to deciding how I’m going to display them.  I reckon I could make them into some photo bunting for N’s room (maybe not the flowers!), or help him start a scrapbook of places we’ve been to.

Polagram instagram photos

I’d like to have them on display rather than hidden away in an album like most of our photos are.  I think I’m a convert to the Polagram app, rather than uploading to a website and then printing off photos that way.  The only downside I found is that the gorgeous giftbox isn’t available on android.

The Polagram app is available on google play and appstore, and you don’t have to choose prints.  They also do giftboxes, photo books, posters and phone cases.  Great for Christmas presents.

If you’d like to try out Polagram, then you can enter my giveaway to win a Polagram product of your choice.  Just answer the question, then return to the rafflecopter widget to enter. There are also further entry options if you want to increase your chance of winning.

If you can’t wait til then, you can get £2 off your order using the code PG43L7DE

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. UK entry only, over 18s
2. Giveaway closes 11.59pm 15th December 2014
3. Entries will be validated according to the rules of entry
4. The prize is a product of your choice from Polagram (giftboxes only available on iphone)
5. Winner will be randomly chosen, and will be shown on this post, with further notifications shared on social media.
6. Winner will be notified via email, and will need to respond with their postal address, email and choice of product within 3 weeks otherwise a further winner will be drawn.
7. The winners details will be sent to Polagram who will credit your email address/account with the value of the prize/product the winner chooses.
8. This competition may also appear on Loquax, PrizeFinder and SuperLucky

Disclosure: I was given credit to review Polagram photo printing.  All opinions and words are my own.


  1. Rachel Craig

    Holiday snaps. Family pictures. Pictures of family pets etc.

  2. Hayley Colburn

    I love taking photos of the kids, especially when they do cheeky poses x

  3. Clare Davies

    i love taking pictures of friends and family when the dont know as its nice to see them natural not pulling a stupid face! ha! x

  4. I like taking black and white photos of our new puppy with my toddler

  5. Kim Lawrence

    I like taking photos of the kids as looking back at them shows just how quickly these little people are growing up…

  6. Sarah Heath

    I love taking photos of our family days out and holidays

  7. Michelle Phillips

    Family photos because I know I’ll appreciate them forever.

  8. Michaela Hannah

    I love taking photos of my kids as they grow up

  9. Tina Holmes

    Photos of the kids or things we make/bake

  10. Alexandra Blue

    candid – i cannot bear taking posed pics

  11. Leanne Perrett

    i love taking photos of my kids they get big so fast

  12. aaron broad

    I like to take photo’s of animals, and trees

  13. Corissa Smith

    I’ll admit it! I’m a bit vain, I love a selfie! Haha x

  14. Laura Craggs

    I love to take natural photos of people especially of my son

  15. Lucy Mitchell

    I like to take photos of the scenery of places I visit as well as sunsets

  16. Claire Woods

    Photos of my son who grows up too quick.

  17. lynn savage

    Lots of things, my grandson, flowers, food, scenery etc etc

  18. I like to try to take unique photos of scenery, especially from a unique angle, spotting something that others may of overlooked over. 🙂

  19. Rachel King

    Pictures of anything that creates a memory 🙂

  20. Rachel King

    Pictures of anything that creates a memory 🙂

  21. gemma clark

    I am really rubbish at taking photos but love natural shots of the kids x

  22. I love natural photos. Photos that no one knows are being taken (without sounding creepy) as they catch peoples true emotions 🙂

  23. Stephanie Dunmore

    Anything that catches my eye. A spare of the moment picture.

  24. Isabel O'Brien

    Mostly pictures of my cat. A bit sad and crazy cat lady-ish I know!
    But since my niece was born last year I’ve taken a lot of her too.

  25. Elizabeth Smith

    I’m quite possibly the world’s worst photographer but I like taking photos of the kids and pets – occasionally I manage to take a picture without their heads being chopped off!

  26. charlotte

    Mainly my cat….proper crazy cat lady :s

  27. Lisa Day

    My family and pets.I love ones that will make great memories when I look back at them as I like to add them to photobooks and albums.

  28. Natalie Crossan

    I love taking photos of my daughter and my hometown, Brighton xx

  29. Nadejda Prodaus

    I like to take photos of my family and specially of my little daughter Adela.

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