Chilling out after school

School days – Macmillan Coffee Morning

Four weeks into school and the tiredness has kicked in for N.

He had a huge nap yesterday which is pretty unheard of (I think he goes weeks and then has a mass catch up), but seems to have been bright and breezy again.

Chilling out after school

We’ve finally established his buddy’s name.  One night I asked him again and he still said he couldn’t remember, but that she had dark hair and skin.  Ah, one of the few Asians in the school.  That narrowed it down, but still no name.  I ended up collaring his teacher on the way into morning club.  Even he couldn’t remember without looking it up.  When I reminded N of his buddy’s name that evening, he still looked blank.  But since then he has mentioned her by name, and also that someone else took him to assembly the other day because she wasn’t in school.

So maybe he’ll start making a better effort to remember things.

Or given that he forgot his coat once, and jumper twice this week, maybe not.

I have been getting a bit more information out of him this week though which is great. Maybe by Christmas he’ll be telling me everything he’s done.

I usually have to wait until bedtime for him to tell me about school.  On Thursday he sprang a surprise on me.

‘Mummy, we can wear green tomorrow’

‘Really? Who told you that?’. Me, racking my brains trying to remember if I’d read anything in the weekly newsletter. Nope, Macmillan coffee morning, but I didn’t recall anything about non-uniform.

‘Yes, Miss R told us at lunch time we could wear green’.  If the headteacher told them, maybe there was something to it.  I said good night, then headed straight onto Facebook to check with other school mums.

Thank god for Facebook, because yes it seemed like N was right.  It turns out that although I’d read the newsletter, there was a mention of wearing green, so it was lucky N had remembered and mentioned it to me. Otherwise he’d have been the only child going into school in uniform.  I’d have been mortified.

So on Friday, he went in dressed in green top and trousers.  A bit overkill, but he was happy.  Plus the lure of a squash on arrival (I couldn’t believe he turned down cake) helped.

I wonder what he’s going to tell me next week.

What’s been going on with your children at school recently?

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  1. When they are at high school you very rarely find out what they are up to, that is until the end of time and you clean out their school bags and find all the letters! Even so they do not seem to do as many activities or support as many charities at high school as in primary.

  2. I’m so glad you could connect with other moms on Facebook! N was right about the green 😀
    Funny because in Portugal we don’t have uniforms at schools.

  3. Thanks god for Facebook. I’m not sure what we would do without these days, or how things got done years ago. 🙂 Vert clever of N to remember though, bless. Hope he is enjoying it. 🙂

    1. He is enjoying it. But mainly because he’s just still playing…from what he’s saying, he’s doing more learning at home on the occasions that he wants to do some Reading Eggs!

  4. Thank god for Facebook I also find myself asking the other mums lots of questions on there. My little one is also very quiet about school don’t get much out of her at all. I usually find out more when she starts chatting to me while I make dinner or play dolls with her as opposed to asking her. That never seems to work. Xx

  5. Naughty they didn’t put a note in the book bags at least! Monkey would never remember to tell me. We’ve had a brilliant thing from school this term, giving us a weekly list of things being covered under their ‘Magic’ topic. It’s opened up a whole world of discussion with Monkey who is amazed that I have some idea of what he’s actually doing. He’ll happily chat about it then. I really hope they keep it up as last year it was like pulling teeth trying to get information out of him.

    1. We get a ‘this week we’re learning’ email on a Monday, which explains maths, english and other subjects as relevant when they get older, but N denies doing any of it!

      He’s getting better, but it has to be bedtime, because before that he doesn’t remember anything

  6. lucky our school texts and emails to keep us updated with things like this. Otherwise Id lose my mind not knowing if i was coming or going. Im just waiting for all the money wanting letters for this and that.

  7. My little ones aren’t old enough for school yet but I’m sure we’ll have all this to come. At the moment everything is eating something else for my 2 year old. The lion is eating the floor, the ladybird eating his breakfast. Love the things they come out with!

  8. I love blog posts like these! They get me so excited for the first few years of my kiddos schooling! Which is also an anxiety thing too sometimess. Lets wear green!! That’s so sweet! Love love love my boys! Great post!

  9. Glad I’m not the only one that relies on Facebook! I would have forgot world book day and dressing up as a character from a book last year. I didn’t get any letter though and wasn’t sure whether E meant to take a costume in OR actually where it to school. Glad I checked because she had to wear it for school! Bless your little man for remembering that! It sounds like he’s settling in really well 🙂 Awww. xx

  10. It can be difficult to keep up with all these things can’t it. I forgot to send H in with money for their Macmillan sale, but I did go to one myself to make up for it.

  11. There is always one child who does end up in their uniform! I always used to feel so embarrassed for them, because I knew it must be tough. And I’m glad to hear he’s sharing bits about his day with you. There’ll always be bits they leave out, but at least it’s a start!

    1. I’d hate that to be N. He’s sharing the more interesting bits, rather than the learning bits, so we’ll need to work on getting that part out as well.

  12. Haha.. I find myself relying on Facebook to keep up with school too! It’s so hard to keep track of everything. I try to write it straight down but don’t always manage it. I don’t think you’re alone with not getting much information out of N – my little girl will only tell me about the lunches she eats -not much else!

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