Paper Blanks dieart and notepad.

Project 365 2015 week 37

It’s week 37 of Project 365, and it’s really the start of darker evenings and mornings.  which means it’s always harder to take photos compared with in the summer.  Here’s this week’s shots.

Sunday saw N out on the farm with his dad, but I for once did head into town for a bit and left them to it. When N came in he wanted to play some of my old CDs I’d found when clearing out. N’s now discovered Muse which we had to sit through at lunchtime.

putting on music wearing overalls

Monday after school and work, N wanted to play outside.  The dog arrived at the door and wanted to play…probably not to get man boy-handled though.  I think N was scratching her back rather than trying to sit on her back.

dog and boy playing

So far, N’s not doing well with remembering items of clothing from school, not helped by him being picked up for after school club rather than me.  But it’s not stopping him from bringing home items from school on Tuesday.  We did manage to get them taken back 2 days later.  It turned out that both he and his best friend had been stuffing their pockets with the play money.  N always seems surprised to see it which amazes me seeing as he’s the one who obviously puts the money in his pockets.

bringing money home from school

On Wednesday, we had a delivery from Tractor Ted. A Back to School competition win from Small Steps Online.  N was straight into it, and was very excited that I’d won it for him.

enjoying a Tractor Ted win

On Thursday I didn’t take many photos, but it’s noticeable that this week it’s been a little more hit and miss with the weather, and that the trees were losing leaves. Not much is turning colour yet, but we certainly had the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ this week.

start of autumn

On Friday we had a parcel waiting from Prezzybox with some inflatable giant dinosaurs.  I only let n open one, but he loves it.  Immediately it was taken out on the gator.

dinosaur on borad the gator

Saturday was the first Fun Fest. N was due to come with me, but decided he wanted to stay on the farm. It was probably the right thing because I’m not sure he would have stayed in the play area. He’d have wanted to stay with me.  I usually write my notes onto my tablet, but instead I used a gorgeous Paper Blanks notebook.  It didn’t help my terrible handwriting though!

Paper Blanks dieart and notepad.

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    1. It’s great isn’t it. N keeps wanting to open the second one they sent too, but I want to do a giveaway. Annoyingly the said they didn’t have any to giveaway, but then sent me two to review. But we don’t need 2. The tractor ted bits went down very well with N. He loves Tractor Ted so much.

    1. Generally I just note the topic in my phone, but I’ve started using OneNote and keeping social media closed while I write. It really helps keep me a bit more focused.

  1. Yes, do check before putting in the washing machine. I always forget at that stage, but luckily N felt his pocket and brought them out beforehand. Hope Z’s enjoying it.

  2. what a brilliant Tractor Ted win! and i do love him pulling his inflatable dinosaur along in his trailer! I am pleased that N is enjoying school – my eldest is in year 2 and in his first week he left a lunch box, a drink bottle and a jumper! boys! x

    1. Yes, it definitely seems to be the boys forgetting things. What got me was that he forgot a jumper (and coat), then the next day managed to leave another 1 of each behind as well. Nightmare children.

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