Shenington Church stained glass window

Project 365 2015 week 41

Into week 41 and it’s ended up with a few days of gorgeous warm weather. No coats needed, and sunny days.  There’s been a lot of conker readiness investigation, and our tree has pretty much dropped all of its conkers now.  Only 3 or 4 cases to go.

Here’s our week 41 of Project 365.

On Sunday, N and I went for a walk and scoot in the park. My ulterior motive was to do a quick look round Banbury’s Canal Day too.  I thought N would have asked to go on the karting or bouncy pirate ships, but he walked straight past on our way back out.  He’s never been fussed about having balloons thankfully, although he did comment on how big these ones were.

helium balloons

This week’s involved a lot of conker collecting on the farm. We’ve only got 2 horse chestnut trees, one is very small, the other one is a little larger, but still not that old or prolific in conker production. Even the lodgers’ chickens came to investigate.  Next thing I knew, N had left the front door open on our way back into the house, and a chicken decided our house was worth visiting.  Interesting trying to chase a chicken back outside with a 4 year old trying to help!

chickens and collecting conkers

On Tuesday I had a rare day out of the office to support on running a training programme that we’ve developed.  It really made me feel at home again back at a food company. After spending 14 years working in the food industry (whether at an agency or at a manufacturer), the last 2.5 years have been worlds away from my old work, and I do really miss the environment.  My current job is a very different culture and probably the hardest job I’ve had to do to feel confident about what I’m doing there.  On the way home I had a bit of time before picking N up, so I stopped at Starbucks for a treat.  Also a rare occurrence because we don’t have a Starbucks in town.

drink and food at starbucks

Wednesday evening we spent baking goodies to take in to work for my birthday.  N loved the ginger macaroons, but he was angling for the fruity oat tray bake.

taste testing the fruity oat cakes

On Thursday a few friends had organised a lunch out for me, so a few of us went out to a cafe in town.  It’s a great (tiny) little eatery, traditional in style, and although they gave me a baguette instead of sandwich, they gave me my drink for free.

old town cafe Banbury

Friday was a big day for N. It was harvest festival and he really wanted me there, so I managed to work my hours so I could go along.  Each class did a song or poem, and N sing along with his class, although I couldn’t get any decent photos because he was mainly hiding behind the person standing next to him.  The church was looking amazing with some gorgeous flower displays and the sun streaming through the stained glass windows.

Shenington Church stained glass window

I’d not really heard much this time about the northern lights potentially being visible in the UK, and down south as well.  I stayed up late in the hope of seeing some of it, but no sign.  But on Saturday morning there was the most amazing stripy sunrise.

red sky in the morning sunrise over Banbury Northern Lights

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  1. That sunrise is gorgeous! My kids go crazy for those balloons. Got them at the weekend but one wasn’t tied well and flew off. Needless to say there were tears!

  2. Some really lovely photographs this week Emma – too many to comment on! I love the look of your Starbucks treat and those brightly coloured balloons. I didn’t notice many stunning skies down this way but I’m told there were plenty last week – you managed a great capture 🙂

    1. Thanks Suzanne. Yes, we were lucky here, lots of blue sky, and apart from about 2 minutes of rain, it’s continued into this week. Proper Autumn weather though, definitely chilly

  3. Beautiful sunrise and belated happy birthday to you! How lovely that you were able to go and see the harvest festival. I remember when I worked in an office how hard it could be to get that time off and how you would always feel guilty if you were the one parent who wasn’t there.

  4. I need to find a conker tree near me…..I have looked but there are none!
    Ahh! It was my girls harvest festival too on Friday. It sounds like a lovely performance.
    That sunrise is just beautiful x

    1. Thanks Kim. I always forget where they are. My work’s old office had a great tree, but I can’t really go back into the car park to get to the conkers. Hope your girls’ harvest festival went well.

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