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School days – trips, VIP and writing

It was a busy school week last week for N.  The thing he was most excited about was his school trip which he’d been looking forward to for ages.  School’s generally still going well, and he doesn’t seem too put out about the fact they’re having to learn phonics.

First school trip

N had been looking forward to the Sea Life Centre school trip for weeks.  He was on countdown and was almost beside himself the day before.  He told me all the people who would be in his group, and that they were going on the swimming bus to Birmingham.

I did remember to make his packed lunch to take, and off he went into the school hall to wait for the bus with the others.

They were late coming back because of traffic and none of us mums had got the text or mail in time to say they would be late.  It did give us all chance to chat though which was nice.

N was so happy having been on the trip.  So far I’ve not got much out of him about it. I know who he sat with on the way and the way back, that he was quite scared at the film (I think it was a 3D one and the fish were coming fast), and that one of the teachers went out during the film.  Oh, and they could sit where they wanted at lunch time.  And he wanted to know why there were 3 seats across at the back of the coach?  Strange, as most have 5 or 6 across.  He also had a sleep on the way back which I wasn’t surprised about.

VIP status

N came home on one day with another VIP sticker – or ‘IP’ as he calls it.   He might not be the fastest learner or star of the week, but VIP means he’s behaving nicely and appropriately in school.

Nativity play

N’s had his role and he’s a villager.  I’m presuming that’s no lines which is probably a good thing for N.  It does mean that his previous shepherd and king’s outfits are a bit redundant so I’ll have to get out a sheet or something to create a tunic.

He does seem oblivious to the play at the moment so they’ve obviously not started practising it yet.

Writing his name

Now it might seem to some people that N’s late in writing his name compared with lots of children who are doing it before getting to school.  Every day when they have a snack the write their name.  N’s always copied his name from his drawer.  But this week he’s written his name twice at home without copying anything.  And it’s recognisable.

He does struggle with e, but then they’ve not done e in phonics yet.  And he won’t sound it out so it’s very much practice and knowing what to write rather than spelling it out.  But he’s got 9 letters in his name, so no wonder it’s taken a while.  I was so impressed to see him do it, because I didn’t know he could without copying something.

He’s also started wanting to write other things now as well.  He asks, then chooses a couple of letters.  I think it’s going to be a while before he’s agreeing to write his name and others’ in Christmas cards.

practising writing

Reception mums

What I’m more excited about is a reception mums meal out that’s being organised.  Weirdly, despite there being a list of everyone’s emails and phone numbers, the organiser has done it by mention when she’s seen people and word of mouth. Luckily one of my friends let me know, so hopefully there’ll be as many of us as possible there because at the moment doing pick up once a week means there’s only a few new mums I’ve really spoken to.

What’s been going on with with school days in your house?

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  1. aww i love nativity plays and I love finding out what parts they play. I always start crying as they walk on stage

  2. Aww it sounds like you have been having so much fun. I was saying to a friend the other day I can’t wait till Darcy is at school so I can go on school trips with her. It will be amazing to share those memories with her when she is older. The meal sounds like a great idea to mingle and get to know the other mums outside of school environment

  3. This was a great post to read! Sylvia went on a school trip today to Tesco’s. She must be learning all about supermarkets! I enjoyed your post. it’s great to hear your child’s progress in writing his name without reading it from the drawer! 🙂


    1. That’s an odd trip. Although there’s so many things to learn in a supermarket. I remember having to go to convenience stores in nice and bad parts of town for a 6th form geography field trip (interesting given we rocked up and were dropped off in a private school mini bus in full posh school uniform).

  4. Its funny isn’t it, prior to trips kids get so excited and talk incessantly about it, then after they’ve been, they will hardly say two words about it! The meal out for reception mums sounds like a good idea, a really good way for you all to get to know each other a bit better 🙂

    1. Fingers crossed it happens as normal. N was really excited about it, but he had other friends who’d been really worried about going. I guess you never know how it’ll go

  5. Ah he’s doing so well!! Z didn’t know how to write his name before starting school either. I think kids come such a long way in these short 10 weeks they’ve been at school. Zs class are onto the next batch of jolly phonics now and they have a spelling test each week. Sea life centre sounds so exciting! 🙂

    1. I think it’s going to be Christmas before they start blending, although learning the sounds has made N a bit more interested in other words and names. Scary thinking they have spelling tests already

    1. Thanks Kim. I think some of the dads who do a lot of the drop offs etc feel miffed it’s not for all, but it’s nice for the mums to meet each other properly, and means there should be someone to look after the kids while we’re out.

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