new havaianas flip flops

Project 365 2017 week 29

This week’s Project 365 was a bit of a slog. This year’s felt a bit different with being less inspired – not helped by demoralising Instagram, now I’ve lost 300 followers in 2 months.  I’m now just thinking sod that, and will just enjoy looking at my feed myself. Because I’m proud of the photos I take and how much my photography has improved over the last couple of years.

So only week 29 of Project 365.

On Sunday I drove out towards the flax fields I’d spotted. I’ve never seen any round here, but there’s quite a few this year.  I couldn’t go into the field as there was no public footpath, but I still got some nice photos from the gate. You can also just about see the lone poppy in there.

flax field

On Monday, it was just  a normal work and school day. N came back from his school tennis club with sweets for the end of term. He’s not really allowed sweets and is pretty good about saying no to them (thanks to the dentist for telling him no sweets to keep his teeth nice) but he couldn’t resist seeing what a sherbet dibdab was. Although he didn’t open it, so it’s found its way into the bin.

mooching at home

On Tuesday it was new flip flop time. I seem to have misplaced an old pair of them, so treated myself to 2 new pairs. Oh and getting N a pair in readiness for our camping trip.  I’m a Havaianas (*affiliate link) girl when it comes to flip flops. If you’ve always said you can’t wear flip flops, try them because they’re the flip flop that made me able to wear flip flops and thong sandals.

new havaianas flip flops

On Wednesday, N finished off the homemade cards he made for his 2 teachers.  His words in them weren’t quite what I was thinking, but he was pleased with them and hopefully the teachers both liked them.

writing cards for teachers

On Thursday it was N’s last day of year 1.  I nearly forgot to do a photo, and this was in the evening. Of course he refused to stand in front of the front door like usual, so it’s hard to judge how much he’s grown.

last day of year 1 photo

On Friday, I spotted the pup was out in the garden running riot. She’s a right livewire, but the OH gets annoyed when everyone is around and then she’ll go to them instead of to him. Drives me a bit nuts because we all just want to play with her. She’ll learn to come when called, she’s only young.

brown sprocker

It was another late night. I’ve been trying out a Samsung Galaxy S8 the last couple of days, and was quite impressed with the shot it got of my bedside table early on Saturday morning. And yes, I do have that many books to read, and another similar pile on the floor and about 20 in my bookcase. The Kindle is just too convenient in comparison.

bedtime nightstand
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  1. I much prefer a book to read than using a kindle or other device, I like to physically hold the book and turn the pages and find it easier to focus

  2. That reminds me – I need to sort out my phone upgrade! I do love a Samsung. The field of Flax is beautiful. Also need some new flip-flops!

  3. I used to love Instagram, but I have found it more and more frustrating. I haven’t actually lost followers, but I gain them at a snail’s pace these days. I’ll be lucky to hit my next 100 which is only about 150 followers away by the end of the year. Bet N is looking forward to a summer on the farm.

  4. ooh I was thinking about a new Samsung phone soon so handy to see the camera in action. Your dog has the most lovely coat too and yes I think all puppies run riot don’t they?Hmm I’m going to have to try the sandals too as I have only ever found one random Roxy pair I could wear. #365

    1. Yes, puppies are a bit nutty. She is really soft – often can’t see the rich colour in photos, but that day the sun was falling just right.

  5. I keep one of those bottles next to my bed as well. I totally agree with you to do this and take your pictures for you and your memories, if other people enjoy them all the better.
    How great he listens about not being allowed sweets and brought them home rather than tried it before he came home. I never buy the grandchildren sweets, and never give them fizzy juice either.

    1. Unfortunately he gets bought sweets by his uncle and his grandparents always have them at the farm. But at least I’m limiting them this end.

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