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Music Exploration with children 12 – let’s rock

I’m a bit late this month with our Music Exploration post, but I’m blaming our holiday for it.  I’d scheduled a few posts, but there’s only so much I could get done, so music had to wait until our return.

This month’s been a little short on achievement musically.  I’d planned for country music to be a decent part because of the C2C  festival on Radio 2.  We did catch some of the music on the radio, but not enough to make an impact on N’s understanding of the genre.  I’ve shazamed a few tracks, so once I’ve downloaded them, I’ll be trying them out on him.

Instead, we seem to have had quite a bit of rock going on.  Everywhere I’ve turned, we’ve had rock on….tv, dvd, radio.

Listening to:

By default, quite a lot of Kings of Leon and Kaiser Chiefs.  Just by chance, these have been playing a lot on the radio recently, so there’s been quite a bit of ‘riotous’ singing in the car.  I love the way N picks up songs now, although he’s got some way to go before he remembers a pop song in totality.


Roses and Guns.  This totally confused my brother when N told him that the dvd was set up for them to watch Roses and Guns.  I had to explain that it was actually Guns and Roses.  It does make me laugh that N mixes up his words.  I think it’s a mix of him not listening properly, and wanting to get his words out too quickly.


dancing snacking boy

Everywhere.  In the house, in the street, on holiday.  N will do a bottom wiggle anywhere.  And he’s progressing from just bottom wiggling.  Now he’s added pirouettes…well, attempted pirouettes. Highly amusing to me watching from the sidelines.

I’m not sure where he’s got them from, whether it’s from the girls at nursery, several of whom do ballet, or from seeing something on tv.  I might do some dancing in the kitchen while I cook, but I haven’t been doing pirouettes for him to copy!

Sharing music:

At nursery.

I’m not sure nursery really appreciate N’s choice in music, but I don’t think that’ll stop him taking music in.  Maybe I just need to censor it before it gets taken in.  Most recently, he took in a personalised songs CD (I’m not sure everyone would have liked to have heard N’s name cropping up every few lines!), and a Christmas compilation.  Sensibly, they didn’t play the latter.  Could you imagine trying to explain to excited preschoolers why it wasn’t actually Christmas?  Or more likely they’d all be depressed to the durge that is track 1 that N always plays…War is Over.

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  1. My son is now really into rock music, I think he takes after me. I never exposed him to it, but he seems to have gone for all the bands I used to love. Loving the pirouettes

  2. So cute – I’m not big on music myself but my teen loves it and I love a festival, maybe I only like music when outside with a beer in hand. Looks like N would like a dance in a field to me!!

    1. I would say he would. It’s an easy move up from dancing with teddy and food, to a beer! He does like live music – his favourite video is AC/DC live at the Plate in Buenos Aires. Goes mad for all the people jumping up and down.

  3. We continuously listen to music in this house – especially as Ross is the lead singer of a band! Grace seems to know more lyrics than I do now (I remember being like that at her age!). Great variety of music and thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

    1. Bet Grace thinks Ross is really cool being in a band! It’s odd isn’t it about lyrics. I remember songs from my teen years, but modern music I hear, I’m lucky if I even know the chorus. Thanks for stopping by Vicky

  4. Ah, you should do a post about what he likes singing to Merlinda. Then come and link up. It’s so annoying that they do lovely things when you don’t have a camera to hand. Happens all the time with me!

  5. I love this – I like how you’ve separated out all the things you’re doing. I think your son and my son would get on very well – simillar taste in music. I didn’t realise there was another music linky out there – I’ve just launched mine so I’ll hopefully remember to post on yours and maybe you’d like to join mine – we can support each other!


    1. Cool. Mine started quite well, but has got quieter recently, so might be nice to share the love and link up to each. Always worth checking out Youbabymemummy’s linky list before starting new ones. Mine’s on there -although it’s monthly not weekly. There’s also a Sunday playlist one, I think Michelle over at Purple Pumpkin does.

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