dryads up the trees in evenley wood garden

Project 52 2018 week 34 – aerial show

This week has been another countdown to my week and a bit off until N goes back to school. Work’s been a hard slog over the summer – I remember the days when work was always quieter over the holidays, but not anymore. Fewer people in, but just as much if not more work to do.

N spent the week mostly with his dad on the farm again, but also with Granny at the farm, or out with his uncle. I think he’s relieved to have me off fr a bit again, but he’s been bored quite a lot. But the upside is that he managed to build a lot of Lego items.

On Saturday, N spent the day mostly bored again. It’s definitely the end of the holidays.

We headed over to Evenley Wood Gardens for a Canopy of the Stars display. I’d thought it would be just us walking around to watcher performers in the trees. But it was most like story telling at different stages and we all walked en masse to the next area. It was a bit girly for N, and a bit young / weird in places, so he wasn’t keen (and a couple of other similar age girls were chatting at one bit saying they were bored). The aerial show was interesting to watch and it was lovely seeing it in the woods.

I’ll definitely need to go to these type of things on my owm in future as N always refuses.

dryads up the trees in evenley wood garden

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  1. That is great that he has the farm and Gran there to amuse him while you are at work. My kids are with grandparents too over the holidays. Shame the day out did not work out the way you had hoped. I do hope you manage to get some nice time together before he goes back to school.xx

  2. I remember my kids getting bored towards the end of the summer holidays, they to spent a lot of time with their grandparents while I was working, but now as adults they look back and remember the summer holidays fondly

  3. Great that he has the farm and a Gran to help amuse him while you are at work. Shame the day out did not work out the way you had hoped, but looks a bit weird. . Hope you manage to get some nice time together before he goes back to school.

  4. Hope N enjoys what’s left of his holiday and that you find some fun things to do together. We are having to change what we do as H gets older too.

  5. Hi Emma, what an interesting way to tell a story, although I can see that it could be a little weird too.



  6. I’ll say this much for you you certainly know how to keep your children entertained,
    Its a pity more don’t follow in your footsteps. I think this is an important time in their lives, well done.

  7. Well that’s certainly an interesting photograph. I think I need to see this aerial show for myself. Looks intriguing. #mysundayphoto

    1. It was certainly interesting. The story was a little random, and lasted a bit long in each place for children I think. Nice to try something different in a lovely setting though.

  8. It is always sad when you realise your children are growing out of a stage you once enjoyed together. Sounds like it would have been magical to little ones.

    1. True. Although tbf, I’m not sure N would have liked this type of thing a few years ago either. It was more structured than I thought it was going to be

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